Power and Cooling Servers

Capacity Gains Through Technology

Limitations on space, power and cooling capacity, combined with rising energy costs, present enormous challenges for IT environments. The newest Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers feature Energy Smart technologies designed to reduce power consumption while increasing performance and capacity based on our five key technologies:

  • Dell Energy Smart power supplies — Energy Smart power supply units (PSUs) are engineered and right sized to achieve some of the highest efficiencies in the industry by taking unneeded overhead out of the server power envelope. In fact, in February of 2012, Dell became the first in the industry to achieve 80 PLUS Titanium-certification for a server power supply. 
  • Dell Energy Smart system design — We deliver breakthrough system design by leveraging high-efficiency voltage regulators, greater venting and airflow, low-flow fan technology and advanced resource management to help maximize performance per watt.
  • Dell Active Power Controller™ (DAPC) — The exclusive Dell PowerEdge servers with DAPC provide an OS-agnostic power-management capability designed to save you money by lowering the system-level power draw during low utilization.
  • Dell Energy Smart Management — Incorporating a significant increase in functionality over previous generations, Dell Energy Smart Management features include power capping, advanced power policies, power scheduling and device disablement.
  • High-efficiency processors and memory — We incorporate some of the latest processor and memory technologies to target the highest performance per watt for industry-standard servers.

We engineer our servers to rigorous standards, qualifying both for the ENERGY STAR® specifications sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and our own comprehensive Energy Smart specifications.

  1. Advanced Power Management with Dell OpenManage Power Center

    When it comes to your data center, two things make a difference: strong and continual server performance to handle the needs of your employees and customers, and advanced management technologies to keep operational expenses down. High among these operational expenses are the power costs related to running and cooling your servers.

  2. Power Budgeting Protection Mechanisms in the PowerEdge Server Portfolio

    15 May 2013

    Learn about the power budgeting protection mechanisms available in Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation servers. Discover how you can ensure that the power consumption of your server remains within its available power capacity while protecting your data.

  3. Understanding Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness

    01 May 2012

    Use the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric from The Green Grid to help measure energy efficiency in your data center and learn how Dell is optimizing power use of servers to help improve efficiency in the data center.

  4. Power and Cooling Innovations in Dell PowerEdge Servers

    01 Apr 2012

    Learn about Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart Architecture (DESA) and some of the enhanced features built into Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers.

  5. Power Efficiency “How To” for the Dell PowerEdge Server Portfolio

    30 Mar 2012

    Use online tools and supporting guidelines to help you choose Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation servers for optimal power efficiency in your data center. Learn configuration tweaks to save power that have minimal or no impact on server performance.

  6. Power Consumption Reduction: Hot Spare

    01 Feb 2012

    Reduce power consumption while maintaining redundancy and availability using Dell Hot Spare technology, a power management solution targeted at lowering power consumption of PowerEdge 12th-generation servers.

  7. Increasing Energy Efficiency through Modular Infrastructure

    01 Feb 2012

    Discover how modular hardware improvements and Dell Chassis Management Controller power features enhance the Dell PowerEdge M1000e infrastructure and help increase the energy efficiency of your data center.

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