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Procurement Services

Gain purchasing power and improve supplier relations

Does your procurement organization have the resources and personnel needed to mitigate supply risks? A purchasing process that’s responsive to your business needs? The purchasing power and operational efficiencies required to keep costs and expenses down? Simply put, can you make sure that the goods and services you need are acquired on time and at a reasonable cost?

Escalating operating costs, evolving technologies and the ever-changing global, regulatory, competitor and supplier environments have made it increasingly more difficult for procurement organizations to meet these goals.

Dell can help. We use our own internal procurement infrastructure and expertise to provide Procurement Outsourcing services globally. Using our category insights, supplier relationships, end-to-end IT capabilities and automated transaction support and process delivery, our Procurement Outsourcing services can help you maximize value through price reduction and increased utility of goods and services purchased. We can also help eliminate redundancies through automation and proof of processes.

Our portfolio of services includes:
  • Category management
  • Sourcing support
  • Analytics support
  • Procurement
  • Payment
  • Additional knowledge-based offerings
Contact Dell to find out how you can eliminate redundancies and maximize the value of your procurement process today.

Benefits of Procurement Services include:

  • Enables your business to focus on core categories and competencies
  • Provides greater spending control
  • Helps improve service levels and relationships between procurement and your lines of business
  • Relieves you from the burden of maintaining support staff, processes and tools for a noncore function
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