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Discrete Function Outsourcing Services

Fund innovation while streamlining operations

“Do more with less.” It’s a common refrain in a challenging economy. Yet increased global competition in the insurance industry means launching new and innovative products to stay ahead.

With access to an integrated Dell insurance services portfolio, along with our cost-effective global delivery models, you’ll be able to more closely align your strategy, technology and processes. We have more than 30 years of life insurance industry experience, Work with us to improve your operational efficiency and achieve the savings you need to invest in innovation and focus on improving your products and services.
  • Data Entry: Turn to our global workforce for high-quality, cost-effective data entry services to accelerate your new business process.
  • Scanning and Indexing: Rely on our sizable onshore mailroom and scanning operations and offshore indexing capabilities for the ideal mix of industry expertise and cost-efficiencies.
  • Proof of Existence: Take a proactive approach to determining whether a policyholder has expired with our comprehensive electronic searches and beneficiary notification services.
  • 1035 Processing: Pursue and capture 1035 monies to improve placement rates.
  • Call Center Services: Leverage the strong customer service, deep insurance industry expertise, industry-leading call center tools and dynamic flexibility of Dell’s onshore and offshore call center solutions.

Benefits of Discrete Function Outsourcing Services include:

  • What if you could take advantage of the organizational intelligence and experience of an industry-leading third-party administration operation?
  • What if you had access to an insurance-specific infrastructure that includes technology and resources with years of experience in the industry?
  • What if you could be confident in your ability to comply with key Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA), anti-money laundering, information security and other requirements?
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