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Dell ProSupport Flex for Data Center

Support tailored to the needs of large data centers

A large data center is dynamic. Its unique, evolving needs cannot be efficiently supported with a fixed contract. Dell is committed to partnering with you, our enterprise customers, to deliver a customized support experience to your data center.

Imagine a flexible support model that allows you to adapt to your changing business needs without jeopardizing your support levels. With Dell ProSupport Flex for Data Center, our dedicated technical account manager and team of named support and field technicians are trained to know your environment and ensure optimal performance. Customized for your specific data-center needs, we partner with your resources and leverage your capabilities so you are only paying for the services you need.

It is our goal to help you:
  • Reduce overall risk and downtime — With a dedicated technical account manager and named technical support team, our experts work with yours to operationalize processes, providing faster resolution.
  • Improve efficiencies — With access to one phone number to technical support and one point of contact for on-site support, technical support is specific to your environment and tailored to your operational model.
  • Spend less — With a single plan, you get end-to-end support that is optimized to consistently deliver only the support needed for your data center.
  • Resolve multivendor issues faster — Expert and tailored support for your entire data center, including multivendor environments.

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