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Data Center Efficiency

Data Center Efficiency

    The Dell™ Data Center Efficiency Solution provides a pragmatic and phased approach — through standardization, simplification and automation — to help maximize IT productivity and in turn improve overall government efficiency.Our scalable end-to-end solutions feature open standards and a single point of contact, thus making the Dell solution easy to deploy, manage and grow.

  • Increase data throughput and faster query response. Get more computational operations per second and greater capacity to complex workloads.
  • Faster workload migration and redeployment. Fewer administrative tasks when managing in a mixed environment.
  • Address unreliable and inaccessible data with no interruption to IT functions. Improved uptime and data protection during updates.
  • Get the technologies you want, including fail-safe virtualization, Dell Systems Management, power management, PCI express solid-state drive, high performance computing and graphics processing unit, and switch independent partitioning.
  • Get the right system and end user devices, including those featuring the latest Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor, tested and proven to work seamlessly.
    The Dell Data Center Efficiency Solution provides the tools you need to transform your data center through several key technologies and services, including:

  • Virtualization
  • Storage Optimization
  • Cloud Services
  • Dell Managed Services
  • Dell Management Console
  • Data Center Efficiency Consulting Services