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  1. Force10 Traverse 10x1GE Card Datasheet

    Deployments of bandwidth-intensive Ethernet Private Lines, Multipoint Layer 2 VPNs, IPTV and other IP-centric video applications are driving the requirement for a network core that is optimized for delivering end-to-end Carrier Ethernet services.

  2. Traverse Edge 50: Multiservice Edge Multiplexer

    The TraverseEdge™ 50 (TE-50) is a flexible multiservice metro access solution targeted for STM-1 and OC-3 ring, linear and point-to-point applications. Delivering a wide range of services in a powerful, yet compact, 1RU package, the TE-50 offers the ultimate in flexibility. The TE-50 design supports 16 hot-swappable interface modules. Two slots are reserved for redundant optical trunk/ring interfaces (1+1 APS/MSP, SNCP and UPSR) and 14 slots are provided for Ethernet, E3/DS3, E1/T1, serial data and voice tributary interface modules. The TE-50 is ideal for applications such as a Carrier Ethernet and TDM CPE device, a narrowband Digital Cross Connect (1024 x 1024 DS0 DCS), a mid-stream grooming element, and a voice and data channel bank.

  3. QLogic QME8262 k 10GbE CNA

    QLogic QME8262 k 10GbE CNA

  4. QLogic QLE8262 DataSheet

    Dual-Port, 10Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe® Converged Network Adapter for PowerEdge® Servers

  5. PowerEdge R820 R910 Reliability Expansion and Performance Comparison

    When planning your data center, it's important to know what roles you need your hardware to fill. Some applications need pure performance, and require only servers that can handle a large number of transactions or users.

  6. QLogic QMD8262 k Datasheet

    Dual-Port, 10Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe® Adapter for PowerEdge® Blade

  7. Embracing Flash Storage Executive Brief

    Flash storage can deliver impressive performance, especially for random I/O (input/output), by eliminating rotational and seek latencies that are common in all hard disk drive (HDD) storage systems. This is particularly relevant in today’s virtualized application world where I/O access patterns are much more random due to the “blender effect” of virtualization.

  8. Dell FX100 Spec Sheet

    The Dell FX100 is a true zero-client communication solution that uses PC-over-IP technology to support scenarios ranging from mainstream office use to extreme workstation/visualization application use.

  9. Broadcom 5719 Quad Port 1GbE Blade Mezz

    Broadcom 5719 Quad Port 1GbE Blade Mezz

  10. SupportAssist Deployment Guide

    Use this as a guide to deploy SupportAssist on multiple devices and manage cases through TechDirect.