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Resource Library

  1. Virtualize your data center with confidence with Dell and VMware

    Dell and VMware deliver virtualization solutions that reduce complexity and cost, and increase efficiency, control and choice.

  2. Compellent Storage Center SAN: VMware View 5 1K Desktop Reference Architecture

    Study the planning, design and deployment of a Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN in a VMware View 5 VDI environment using VMware ESXi 5 as the hypervisor, based on internal testing of 1,000 virtual desktops on 16 Dell M710 HD physical blade servers

  3. Active System 800 with Hyper V Reference Architecture

    15 Aug 2013

    The Active System 800 solution combines servers, storage, networking, and infrastructure management into an integrated and optimized system that provides virtualized resource pools in a virtual data center environment. Microsoft Hyper-V solution is the Active System 800m offered for Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 with Hyper-V® role enabled Hypervisors. Use this reference architecture to learn how to configure a similar virtual data center solution in your environment.