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The Dell Advantage

Why buy Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 from Dell?

  • Our combined efforts give you more resources
    We don’t compete with Microsoft; we collaborate. And this means that we work harder to certify our servers, more than any other vendor, make integration with our products seamless, build reference architectures and provide expertise through an exhaustive set of white papers, advisors, videos and other tools. By purchasing a Dell server with Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 factory-installed, your system will include the latest drivers for all devices shipped in the system.
  • We're a single point of contact for software, hardware, consulting and services
    Dell helps you not only to achieve a smooth operating system (OS) transition, but also to implement an IT infrastructure that meets your needs going forward. Our open, flexible solutions build on what you already have and help you to advance from any stage in your data center evolution.
  • Our 12th generation server designs amplify the impact of Microsoft's innovations
    Many of the industry-leading innovations in our Dell PowerEdge™ 12th generation servers were codeveloped with Microsoft to exploit the groundbreaking advancements in Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012. That continues with Windows Server 2012 R2, with features like agent-free systems management that gives an administrator the advantage of having Windows Server automatically share with the embedded iDRAC management platform, things like the hostname, iDRAC Management URL , the OS name and OS version, so that an IT admin can access the system quickly and simply through a variety of paths with no need to install any software!
  • Pre-enable Hyper-V virtualization on Windows-equipped servers: When you purchase a Dell factory-installed Windows Server OS, you can opt for the Hyper-V role to be installed and enabled. Just select “Enabled Virtualization” option and Dell will enable the hypervisor role, and provide a virtual hard drive (VHD) with the same OS image. This makes deploying a Hyper-V VM easier and quicker.
  • No additional activation necessary: When you purchase a Windows Server factory-installed from Dell, it is already activated – no additional validation with Microsoft is required, whereas an OS installed from retail media will usually require either internet or phone validation for activation. This can be especially useful when a server does not have internet access during setup, as the phone validation mechanism is a manual process that may have to be done for each server deployed.

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