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Financing and Leasing

Match your financial solution to the useful life of your assets.

IT has become far more than a support function. Organizations look to IT to generate revenue or at least to find savings in efficiency. Let the wealth of leasing and financing options from Dell™ Financial Services help you find opportunities in decisions your organization faces regarding capital expenditures, operating expenditures and cash flow.
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Small and Medium Business

  1. Dell Business Credit

    Afford your future today^

    Dell Business Credit™ (DBC) is a revolving line of credit that gives you the purchasing power to update your technology with instant ownership and no annual fees or pre-payment penalties.

Large Enterprise

  1. Fair Market Value Lease

    Fair Market Value Lease

    Reduce TCO and the risk of technology obsolescence with a FMV Lease. This program offers the lowest fixed payment and facilitates a regular rotation cycle.

  2. Finance Lease

    Finance Lease

    Ideal for managing cash flow, the Finance lease allows you to pay for technology in low, budgeted payments. At the end of the term, equipment is purchased for a nominal amount.

Public & Non-Profit

  1. DellFlex Lease

    DellFlex Lease

    Increase your buying power with a tax-exempt lease. Minimize your capital outlay and the lifetime costs of your IT equipment.

  2. Tax Exempt Lease Purchase (TELP)

    Tax Exempt Lease Purchase (TELP)

    Make annual payments on your technology purchases, easing budget constraints and providing a path to ownership.

  3. Lease With Option to Own (LWOO)

    Lease With Option to Own (LWOO)

    Gain flexibility to meet changing needs over time. This federal financing solution ensures that you receive the equipment you need for conducting today’s business, without locking you into an end-of-lease commitment.

  4. Lease to Purchase (LTOP)

    Lease to Purchase (LTOP)

    Lower your equipment's lifecycle costs with a federal financing solution that distributes your expense over time, then converts to ownership at the end of the term to enhance your tax strategy.


  1. Partners

    Partners - Maximize sales opportunities with Dell Financial Services

    Utilize our knowledge and resources to increase sales, close larger deals and up-sell additional products and services.

  1. eol-graphic

    End-of-Lease Options

    Reach your lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) by making end-of-lease decisions based on your technical needs, budget and the equipment's operational capabilities. End-of-lease resources include Lease Return Services.

  2. DFS_online_services_image

    DFS Online Services

    Reduce time and costs associated with leasing. Track critical information and complete routine tasks on your desktop with Dell Financial Services Online Services.

Case Studies

White Papers, Data Sheets & Brochures

  1. Click here to read PDF

    PC Leasing and Financing: Strategic, Operational and Financial Facts to Consider

    IDC explains how a leasing strategy enhances PC life-cycle management; improves return on invested capital; and helps to manage the Total Cost of Ownership of client equipment.

  2. Click here to read PDF

    Managing IT Infrastructure Renewal


    Learn why many IT professionals shift the equipment acquisition model from "Buy Once/Fix Forever" to "Acquire/Run/Renew" to reduce IT’s internal operating costs and enable organizational innovation initiatives.

  3. Click here to read PDF

    IT Buyer Perceptions, Strategies and Requirements

    IDC completed its fourth IT leasing and financing survey in March 2012. The survey was fielded as the worldwide economy emerges from recession and IT spending forecasts accelerate their track upward.

  4. Lease Return Services

    Lease Return Services

    Increase your productivity with Lease Return Services from Dell Financial Services.

  5. dfs-data-wipe-certification.pdf

    DFS Data Wipe Certification

    Take the right steps to protect your data at lease conclusion. Get peace of mind with certificates of data removal from Dell Financial Services.

  6. compellent-lease-program.pdf

    Dell Compellent Lease Program

    Cut the time, cost and risk of managing enterprise storage by leasing a Dell Compellent Storage Center solution. Your organization can make an easy-to-budget monthly payment over 36 months.

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    Scale On Demand


    Payment Solutions from Dell Financial Services.  Scale payments for your technology as your usage grows.

  8. Click here to read PDF

    Pay As You Grow


    Payment Solutions from Dell Financial Services.  Take advantage of technology solutions that grow with your business with Pay As You Grow.

  9. Click here to read PDF

    Provision and Pay


    Payment Solutions from Dell Financial Services.  Deploy equipment on your schedule with Provision and Pay.

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    Dell Insurance Third-Party Administration Services


    Enable end-to-end third-party administrator (TPA) services for individual, worksite & group insurance policies. Dell has migrated 2.2+ million policies and reduced system costs. We bring the benefits of straight-through processing to your initiatives.