Data Center Virtualization

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Most people don’t think “easy” when they hear, “virtualization.” But you can.

Trust Dell – your virtualization specialist
You can start by gaining efficiencies through server virtualization ― and go on to create a fully dynamic data center. Wherever you are in your process, take the most simplified approach to data center virtualization with Dell’s comprehensive solution portfolio and expertise.

Stage 1
0% - 20% virtualized

Increase IT utilization:
Spend less to power and cool the data center ― and get more accomplished ― through hardware consolidation.
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Stage 2
20% - 50% virtualized

Unify management:
Free management resource and lower OPEX by reducing and centralizing management touch points/processes.
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Stage 3
~50% virtualized

Improve IT responsiveness:
Speed provisioning, increase uptime and recover from problems faster by automating processes.
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Stage 4
> 50% virtualized

Deliver IT seamlessly and securely:
Scale IT quickly and reduce CAPEX by transitioning to service delivery models.
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Not for servers only
Automate daily operations and unify management by virtualizing your entire infrastructure — servers, applications, storage, networking. Create a unified data center, and enable your company to respond dynamically to business demands:
  • Improve asset utilization.
  • Reduce the footprint of your physical data center by consolidating servers, storage, networking, software. 
  • Lower capital and, power and cooling costs.
  • Create fewer management touch points.
  • Accelerate IT service delivery.
  • Keep your IT options open. With Dell, you never get locked into one approach or solution.
Simplify and automate your data center, scale your IT dynamically and save from 20 to 50 percent of your IT spend. You don’t have to start from scratch to get these benefits. You can use the IT you currently own and introduce new innovations with Dell standards-based solutions. You never have to limit your options with Dell.

Contact a Dell expert
Regardless of your company size, business demands or IT strategy, we can support you on your path to virtualization.