Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan

Dell is committed to putting technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet.

In 2012 we launched this commitment as a first step toward a new sustainability strategy for Dell. Our Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan brings the rest of that strategy into focus and sets the trajectory for how social and environmental sustainability will become an accelerator for successful and sustainable customer and societal outcomes for years to come.

Our long term sustainability plan is organized by our three areas of focus: we take action to benefit the environment, strengthen our communities, and engage our people in a diverse and inclusive workforce. Ultimately, the notion of adding value in these areas flows directly from Dell’s purpose to enable people everywhere to grow and thrive and reach their full potential.
2020 infographicMost important, our plan includes 21 ambitious, strategic goals bound by an end date of 2020. Our 10x20 Goal is our most ambitious — aggregating the work and measuring an outcome that stretches across many of our aspirations, helping demonstrate what is truly possible at the hands of our customers and partners — all of us working together. 

We are proud of the work we’ve done so far and recognize we have much more to do to live up to our commitment. While we may not fully know every step of the path to achieving all the parts of our 2020 Plan, we are in clear agreement on the need to get started — realizing the potential for our positive impacts. We will work with our customers and stakeholders, reporting annually on our successes and challenges as we make our journey to 2020.

More about our action areas: Environment, Communities, People

: By incorporating environmental sustainability into every aspect of what we do, we provide customers with solutions that give them the power to do more while minimizing our collective impact on the planet.

Communities: When Dell team members apply their passion and unique skills in combination with our technology toward social change, it amplifies the effect of our grants and accelerates positive results in the communities where we live and work.

People: In order to enable people everywhere to grow and thrive, we first need to build enduring relationships with our fellow team members across the globe.

You may contact us through e-mail or through Twitter at @dell4good and #LegacyOfGood.
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