Customer Demand Drives Dell Acquisitions

Dell is committed to delivering the services, solutions and products our customers need to drive their business goals and suit their lifestyles. By listening to our customers, Dell continues to identify areas to expand our offerings, and in some cases, we have acquired outstanding companies with expertise in those areas. We hope to better serve the customers of the companies we acquire by preserving the characteristics that make that company successful, while leveraging Dell’s strengths to grow the business and expand its offerings to Dell customers globally.

Recent Acquisitions:

  1. dell aquires statsoft

    Dell acquires StatSoft, Inc.

    Dell today announced the acquisition of StatSoft, Inc., a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions.

  2. dell

    Dell is now a private company

    Dell completes the stockholder approved transaction to take Dell private in partnership between Michael Dell and investment firm Silver Lake.

  3. Dell Announces Updates on its Financing Capabilities

    Dell Announces Updates on its Financing Capabilities

    Dell has acquired portions of CIT Vendor Finance’s Dell-related assets and sales and servicing functions in Europe. DFS is now delivering direct financing solutions in Europe.

  4. Enstratius

    Dell acquires Enstratius


    Dell announces the acquisition of Enstratius, an award-winning provider of software and consulting services that deliver hybrid-cloud and single-cloud management capabilities.

  5. credant technologies

    Credant Technologies


    Credant Technologies is an industry-leading provider of data protection solutions to control, manage and secure data from endpoints to servers, to storage, to applications and the cloud.

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