Clerity Solutions

Clerity Solutions

Clerity Solutions Is Now a Part of Dell

Clerity Solutions, acquired by Dell, is a leading global provider of application modernization and legacy system re-hosting solutions and software. With the Clerity Solutions acquisition, Dell has taken significant steps to help customers reduce the cost of transitioning business-critical applications and data from legacy computing systems and onto more modern architectures, including the cloud.

Dell’s comprehensive Application Modernization offerings combine an end-to-end services approach, market-tested tools and software and over 20 years of mainframe and distributed platform expertise to help make your business more efficient, responsive and competitive. Dell Mainframe Re-hosting technology (formerly UniKix) helps move existing business logic and data investments onto modern platforms. Re-hosting cuts the annual operating costs associated with legacy systems for many customers by 30 to 70 percent, while providing a safe path forward for IT assets.

Why Clerity Solutions?

Clerity Solutions’ unique re-hosting approach makes it easier for customers to move applications off legacy computing architectures into the new IT environment of their choice. Through the Clerity acquisition and development of its own IP, Dell is in an even stronger position to help customers modernize and migrate their enterprise applications off outdated hardware infrastructure to more current architectures.