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Intel Core Processors
Dell™ desktop and laptop PCs based on the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family reduce PC headaches and allow you to focus on business

Can new PCs have an immediate impact on your cost structure and your employees’ productivity? They can if they’re new Dell desktop and laptop PCs featuring Intel Core i5 vPro and Intel Core i7 vPro processors. With remote manageability, embedded security and unprecedented energy-efficient performance that can save you up to $395 per PC per year*, these systems allow you to:
  • Proactively protect PCs against malicious software attacks and reduce downtime up to 90%.*
  • Diagnose and repair systems remotely — even if the system is powered off or the operating system is disabled — to reduce PC management costs and speed repairs.
  • Actively reduce power usage with policy-based ability to turn systems off and on after hours (or whenever needed).
And because Intel vPro technology is supported by Dell Management Console (DMC) and other leading PC management applications, it maximizes your options for managing your PCs — including easier outsourcing to a managed service provider. 

Proactive security that better prevents attack and disruption

The hardware-enhanced security capabilities of Dell PCs with Intel vPro technology* enable proactive protection that helps guard your IT infrastructure and ensure service continuity.

Automated security patches and updates. Security patches are deployed and kept up-to-date remotely, ensuring full compliance. Encrypted remote power-on and update capabilities give you full control and let you update PCs after hours, minimizing user disruptions, and achieving 95% patch saturation up to 85% faster.*

Hardware-level protection. Programmable defense filters maximize security and automatically guard against viruses and malicious attacks.

Protection in case of loss or theft. Intel® Anti-Theft Technology can disable PCs at the hardware level if they are stolen or misplaced.*
Cost-saving manageability

The hardware-based management technology in Dell PCs based on 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processors reduces desk-side visits and prevents many common issues. These remarkable capabilities are supported by all leading vendors of PC management consoles, and allow you to manage both desktops and laptops from a single console.

Remote diagnostics and repair. You can remotely boot, troubleshoot, repair and restore PCs — regardless of their power state or OS condition — accelerating problem resolution up to 97% and reducing repair costs.*

Automated remote asset management. Asset inventories that are essential to efficient IT planning become faster, more accurate and less expensive. You can locate lost PCs, eliminate paying for unused software licenses and identify configuration tampering before it causes problems.

Automated agent presence checking. Automatically check for the presence of security and management agents, ensuring that they are in place and preventing tampering or disabling.

Energy-efficient performance that powers today’s and tomorrow’s software

The exceptional performance and energy efficiency of Dell PCs with Intel Core vPro processors enable a highly capable environment to support your employees’ productivity.

Extra performance when it’s needed most. New Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 automatically speeds up the processor when the user’s workload requires extra performance*, while Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology allows each processor core to work on two tasks at the same time.*

Excellent energy efficiency. With Dell’s energy-efficient designs and the Intel Core vPro processor’s active power management capabilities, you can save your customers up to $395 per PC per year* by turning PCs off remotely after working hours and powering them back up before the start of business.*

Increase security and reduce PC management costs now 

Get the full benefit of Dell engineering and the most advanced PC management and security technologies available—with Dell desktop and laptop PCs featuring Intel Core vPro processors. 

Make sure it’s Intel® vPro™ technology

Intel vPro technology is a set of specific ingredients that enable unprecedented capabilities in Dell desktop and laptop PCs based on Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ and Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processors. 
Intel vPro

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Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor

Features and Benefits

Dell OptiPlex™ 7010 and 9010 desktop Intel® Core® i5 vPro™ Processor

Intel® Core® i7 vPro™ Processor
Business-class desktops designed specifically for networked environments, delivering quick set-up time, easy management and troubleshooting features, and are backed by corporate-class support
  • Advanced Configuration Services
  • Tool-less chassis
  • Long lifecycles
  • Managed image transitions
Dell Latitude™ mainstream laptops
Intel Core i5 vPro Processor

Intel Core i7 vPro Processor
Business-class laptops with the design and technology options to fit nearly any business. The best in laptop stability and security
  • Easy manageability
  • Comprehensive security
  • Robust wireless options
  • World-class service
Dell Precision™M4700 and M6700 mobile workstation Intel Core i5 vPro Processor

Intel Core i7 vPro Processor
Over-delivers in terms of performance and scalability
  • Up to Intel® Core™ i7-920XM Quad-Core Extreme processors
  • Up to 16GB of fast 1333MHz DDR3 memory
  • Optional RAID 5 storage