Our 21 ambitious goals identify how we will reach our aspirations. All of these goals are bound by an end date of 2020.

10x20 Goal - A Legacy of Good
By 2020, the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it 

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our facilities and logistics operations by 50 percent
Reuse or reduce our use of fresh water in water-stressed regions by 20 percent
Ensure 90 percent of waste generated in Dell-operated buildings is diverted from landfills
Develop and maintain sustainability initiatives in 100 percent of Dell-operated buildings
Demonstrate 100 percent transparency of key issues within our supply chain, working with suppliers to mitigate risks in those areas
Ensure 100 percent of product packaging is sourced from sustainable materials
Reduce the energy intensity of our product portfolio by 80 percent
Use 50 million pounds of recycled-content plastic and other sustainable materials in our products
Ensure 100 percent of Dell packaging is either recyclable or compostable
Phase out environmentally sensitive materials as viable alternatives exist
Recover 2 billion pounds of used electronics
Identify and quantify the environmental benefits of Dell-developed solutions

Engage 75 percent of team members in community service by 2020 and provide 5 million cumulative hours of service to the communities in which we live and work
Apply our expertise and technology in underserved communities to help 3 million youth directly and support 10 million people indirectly to grow and thrive

Increase engagement and drive inspirational leadership on Dell’s strategies, priorities and goals through Dell’s end-to-end Leadership Development Programs
Engage 40 percent of our global Dell team in employee resource groups by 2020
Encourage eligible team members to enroll in Dell flexible work programs, increasing global participation to 50 percent
Increase university hiring to a rate of 25 percent of all external hiring
Be recognized as a best-in-class Employer of Choice
Achieve 75 percent favorable responses (or higher) in team member satisfaction globally as measured through the annual employee satisfaction survey