Helping organizations support families fighting pediatric cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, he needs the best medical care possible, and his entire family needs support emotionally and often financially. As part of Dell’s ongoing support of Children’s Cancer Care initiatives, we support the needs of children and families affected by pediatric cancer through a variety of nonprofit relationships throughout the world. Sometimes that support takes the form of technology donations to further young patients’ educations or help doctors learn more advanced diagnostic techniques. Other times we may fund leukemia treatments for those who could otherwise not afford care. And we pair all monetary and technology donations with team member volunteerism, whether that involves installing equipment or providing a hot meal.

Following is a list of the organizations we work with. Visit their sites below to find out more about them and how you can get involved:
Organization Location Description
Instituto do Cancer InfantilBrazilThe Children's Cancer Institute hopes to improve cancer cure rates and prevention throughout Brazil. With the help of Dell, the institute will improve the preventative and diagnostic methods for pediatric cancer care in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, developing initiatives that can be implemented in all of Brazil.
SCLF/Second Affiliated Hospital of Huaxi China Our grant helps the Second Affiliated Hospital fund treatments for children with leukemia that would otherwise have to discontinue treatment because of financial difficulties. 
L'Institut Gustave Roussy IGR France As the leading European anti-cancer center, The Institute Gustave-Roussy treats patients, conducts research and develops new therapies. Dell technology powers classrooms in the hospital that allow cancer patients to continue their education during treatment. 
The Cancer Institute (WIA) India The Institute in Chennai, South India, treats 1.25 million patients annually, 66 percent of which are indigent and are treated free of charge. Our grant is helping the institute better diagnose children with leukemia, improving treatment selection. 
Sri Shankara Cancer FoundationIndiaSri Shankara Cancer Foundation is establishing a charitable 360-bedded cancer hospital, of which 150 beds are earmarked for the impoverished patients and 35 of which are meant for free treatments. The financial budget for this project over three years is estimated to be $16 million and $4 million, which has been generated through contributions from individuals and organizations so far. The Dell grant will be used for research and treatment of two types of cancers seriously afflicting the children in India — leukemia and neuroblastoma — and hardware donations will be used for data entry, storage and analysis.
Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital Malaysia Mount Miriam treats cancer patients from throughout Southeast Asia. Our grant funded two new rooms dedicated to pediatric cancer patients. 
Casa de la Amistad para Niños con Càncer, I.A.P. Mexico Dell funded an online tool that will be developed with Casa de la Amistad to educate practitioners in underprivileged areas to better diagnose cancer patients. 
Fundación Amigos de Niños con Leucemia y Cáncer (FANLYC)PanamaFANLYC serves more than 300 children receiving treatments for cancer and other illnesses. This grant will provide hardware, software and Dell services to create an electronic health record system that will allow FANLYC to effectively monitor and manage the healthcare records of the children in the residence.
CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa The Foundation contributes to the well being of children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, as well as their families. Dell funded a program designed to educate practitioners at all levels of the health system to diagnose cancer patients as soon as possible. 
CLIC SargentUnited KingdomCLIC Sargent provides clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help children and young people diagnosed with cancer. Dell is providing technology to the organization's Homes from Home facilities that will allow families staying in them to remain in contact during treatment phases and help provide interactive upgrades to CLIC Sargent's website.
Neuroblastoma Alliance UKUnited KingdomDell provides support for its partner Neuroblastoma Alliance UK and its Reach Around the World initiative through technology donations to help UK families communicate, and to aid in the Alliance’s operations and database management. Support also helps the Alliance bring together Dell team members and families with children with neuroblastoma for a fun day of activities.
Ronald McDonald House U.S. The Ronald McDonald House serves 4.5 million families a year, providing a “home away from home” for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost. Through a corporate grant and employee volunteers, Dell assists local houses and families of children receiving medical care. 
Children's Medical Center
U.S.Support from Dell will help the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children's Medical Center enhance a research database and improve sharing with other researchers and physicians to give them better information about patients and treatments.
Dell Children's Medical CenterU.S.Dell and the Children’s Medical Center Foundation are supporting the Children’s Blood & Cancer Center’s mission to cure and prevent childhood and adolescent cancer and blood disorders. Dell’s support will help advance the delivery of care by installing laptop computers in 13 patient exam rooms to improve clinic flow and allow for “real time” documentation.