Commitment to Diversity

Dell is committed to inclusion and diversity. Our mission is to succeed in the marketplace by fostering a winning culture of Dell employees who are highly talented, committed, reflective of our global customers and recognized as our greatest strength.

Diversity is at the core of Dell’s values and winning culture. It helps define the kind of company we are and aspire to be. Diversity initiatives tap additional talent, retain employees, strengthen relationships, improve our operating results and further our global citizenship efforts in the many communities we call home. Dell defines diversity in its broadest sense.

It’s About Inclusion

Diversity is an inescapable fact. With a large global employee base, we’re a collage of races, ethnicities, religions, ages, levels of disability, backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures. Inclusion is about embracing, respecting, honoring, recognizing and, ultimately, leveraging the differences we innately possess to build a better community, workplace and world.

At Dell, we’re committed to building a diverse environment that is reflective of a diverse global marketplace and an inclusive culture where everyone is engaged. We strive to ensure that each employee is heard and valued and that personal strengths and perspectives are assets to the company, rather than being left at the door.

To achieve our vision for an even more diverse and inclusive global company, we established a global diversity strategy, which is reviewed regularly by the Global Diversity Council. Our strategy focuses on:  

  • Strong, visible leadership commitment and clear expectations of accountability for diversity and inclusion
  • Genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion built into our business practices
  • Thorough integration of these behaviors in our talent and performance management