Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Dell’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy is built on three enduring focus areas: creating a workplace that is inclusive of all differences, cultivating external marketplace relationships with diverse communities and organizations and growing a diverse workforce.

Creating a Workplace that Is Inclusive – Diverse and inclusive teams help our team members feel valued, engaged and inspired to do their best work in service of our customers.

Cultivating our Marketplace Brand – The enduring relationships we create with our partners helps Dell drive its diversity and inclusion strategy into the marketplace.
Growing a Diverse Workforce – In order to serve our customers’ needs we must be committed to having a diverse workforce that reflects our customer base.

Creating a Workplace that is Inclusive:

At Dell, we recognize and do business in a world that is constantly evolving. We understand that managing diversity and championing an inclusive culture is essential to our collective success. To build enduring relationships, we must create a welcoming workplace where people of all backgrounds come together to do their best work. By embracing these individual differences and actively leveraging them, we are able to harness each team member’s full potential, drive innovation and foster an environment for our global team to do their best work and meet the aspirations of our customers.

Two ways in which we underscore our commitment to inclusion are through:

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) create a platform of networking, leadership development, community volunteer opportunities and avenues for driving business results. Dell has 10 Employee ERGs that are focused on: Females, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, LGBT, Disabilities, Generations, Environment, Veterans and our remote workforce.

Cultural Awareness Training

As part of our commitment to ensuring our teams around the globe respect and value one another, we mandate that each of our team members participate in cultural awareness training that facilitates powerful self-awareness. Team members are exposed to behaviors that are productive and counter-productive in creating an inclusive workplace and at the same time are given tools to help support one another to foster a more collaborative environment.

Cultivating our Marketplace Brand: How Dell builds relationships with diverse communities and organizations

Creating enduring relationships is at the core of our Diversity & Inclusion strategy at Dell. We engage in mutually beneficial partnerships to advance our strategy and work with groups across the globe to mirror where our customers & team members work & live. Our strategy includes working with civic organizations, advocacy groups, professional associations and multicultural business groups such as the following:

Women: Catalyst, Anita Borg Institute, Women’s International Network, Connecting Women in Technology, Working Mother, Business Divas

People with Disabilities: Springboard Consulting, International Labour Organization Global Business & Disability Network

LGBT: Human Rights Campaign, Out & Equal, Equality Texas

Generations: One Young World

African-American: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Hispanic: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Hispanic Association of Corporate Social Responsibility

Asian: Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies

It is through these partnerships we secure research, benchmarking and best practices to create advocacy across diverse groups to further our diversity & inclusion initiatives at Dell.

Growing a Diverse Workforce

We create opportunities for ALL employees to bring innovative ideas to the workplace in an environment that cultivates the exchange of broad thinking and inspires innovation. By embedding diversity and inclusion into our business we help ensure that we serve customers globally in ways that best meet their needs.

At Dell, we ensure that the make-up of our workforce receives on-going, focused attention from our most senior leaders, including our CEO. We also seek their input into Dell’s diversity and inclusion strategy on a regular basis, most importantly through our Global Diversity Council.

Dell’s Global Diversity Council

Michael Dell, our founder and Chairman, leads our Global Diversity Council, consisting of eight global executives. Established in 2008, the Council underscores Dell’s commitment to diversity and inclusion at the most senior levels of the company. The Council reviews policies, action plans and progress to ensure Dell continues to leverage diversity and inclusion to its competitive advantage and that it is integrated throughout our business. The group consults with customers, business partners and team members to understand global best practices.
Corporate Responsibility Report
FY14 Progress Points 
BulletThe Foundations of Leadership training was completed by 79 percent of newly promoted leaders  
BulletIncreased the number of locations offering a Connected Workplace option to 44, up from 37 the previous year
BulletThanks to the Connected Workplace program, 6,700 metric tons of greenhouse gases were avoided 
BulletCorporate Social Responsibility Report
BulletMen Advocating Real Change (MARC) is an initiative for men who are committed to achieving gender equality in the workplace. 
BulletMARC Leaders receive training on inclusive leadership practices and drive positive change through role modeling and engaging others on this topic. 
Stay Connected 
Employee Resource Groups 
BulletConnecting over 18,000 team members across more than 150 chapters worldwide, furthering and inclusive work environment 
BulletGiving team members a place to share ideas for marketing intelligence and product development 
BulletEncouraging career progression by providing opportunities to engage with executives and a new network of peers  
BulletCreating a sense of community to build enduring relationships inside an outside of Dell