Digital communications tools are changing our world, connecting more and more people, and enabling information to flow faster and more freely than ever before. It’s no surprise, then, that the workplace is also changing.

Dell launched the Connected Workplace in fiscal year 2010. The purpose of the enterprise-wide and global strategic business initiative is to create a highly mobile, collaborative and agile work environment that enables us to grow and thrive and deliver on our business strategies and objectives.

Challenge Solution Benefits
Challenge: Solution: Benefits:
Give team members more choices in how they work, increasing job satisfaction, innovation and customer engagement. Connected Workplace will enable team members to find new ways to work that drive business results, focusing on the value of results rather than how, when or where the work gets done. It gives team members more flexibility allowing them to better manage their work–life balance. By allowing our team members to decide how they work, we believe we foster a happier workforce which is more engaged and better able to serve our customers and stakeholders. It also helps us to attract and retain the best global talent.

The program has multiple working options:
  • Mobile — Telework/Telecommute up to 4 days a workweek
  • Remote work — Work exclusively away from a formal office
  • Flextime — Vary start and end times of workdays
  • Part-time — Reduction of workload and hours to less than standard workweek
  • Job sharing — Two team members working part-time hours sharing a full-time position
  • Compressed workweek — Compression of schedule into fewer than five days a week (such as 4/10)
  • Customized — A hybrid of multiple options

Increased Engagement and Work–life Satisfaction

The efforts are succeeding. Internal surveys reveal that since offering flexible work, work–life satisfaction among Dell employees has improved 8 points globally, and 14 points in the U.S. Here are some of the comments we have received:

  • “[I value] the extra rest, the [avoided] commute time, more time with my family, and gas [savings], not to mention the mileage saved on my vehicle.”
  • “I help an ill parent at least 1–2 weeks a month. I am grateful for Dell’s flexibility in allowing me to work from areas outside of my cube. This program has made me work harder for Dell in gratitude for Dell working to make my life a bit easier.”

The benefits flow to our customers as well. For example, in Latin America, technical account managers taking advantage of flexible work practices were able to help twice as many customers resolve their problems. U.S. team members working from home one to three days a week report gaining two more hours per telework day to spend focusing on customers.

Green Benefit

Additionally, the Connected Workplace reflects the Dell commitment to the environment. In particular, flexible work practices help to conserve natural resources and energy, reduce transportation-related pollution, promote public safety and lessen the strain on transportation systems. It also allows us to maximize our use of office space and minimize our operating costs and environmental impact.