Lessons for Life: Bringing Math, Science and Technology to Gauteng Students

The responsibility is great. As the primary establishment working to provide accessibility to math, science and technology (MST) learning throughout South Africa’s Gauteng province, the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is taking on the challenge wholeheartedly.

Sci-Bono is the only full-service career center in the country. It is the only science center in the world that is an agency of a provincial department of education and mandated to provide MST education for the public school system. In addition, Sci-Bono is the only organization that provides free accredited information and communication technologies (ICT) training for the school system.

Yes, the responsibility is great — especially in an environment where poverty and unemployment are widespread. Yet Sci-Bono is rising to the challenge. In 2009, 146,000 people under the age of 18 visited the center and another 63,000 school children participated in Sci-Bono’s outreach programs.

With a mission to provide MST education and experiences and promote science and technology career opportunities, Sci-Bono strives to reach every child in every school and ensure that each one receives the quality of education needed to achieve success in life.

Enter Dell Youth Learning — a partnership that is fundamental to Sci-Bono’s ability to reach such goals. A grant from the Youth Learning initiative is helping to significantly improve the quality of education — both teaching and learning — through educational programs at Sci-Bono and throughout the 2,600 Gauteng public schools.

Together, Sci-Bono and Youth Learning are providing thousands of young people with access to ICT skills instruction, creating basic math and science educational resources that will be used in every Gauteng school, and training and developing thousands of math and science teachers who will share their knowledge with hundreds of thousands of students over the next few years.

"Our partnership is more than funding. What we appreciate most is the support of Dell’s people. They provide us with technical expertise and advice. They participate as role models and advisers to the students. They have helped us plan," says David Kramer, CEO of Sci-Bono. "We are proud that Dell has seen merit in taking our relationship to a new level and are excited about the difference this collaboration can make."

Learn more about the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre at http://www.sci-bono.co.za/