Victoria BattagliaVictoria Battaglia knows that success doesn’t come from your own efforts. Sure, each of us has to put in the hard work required for success. But Victoria will add that working well with others, being open to new input and change, and being patient are equally important.

Victoria is currently senior legal counsel for Dell’s Southern Latin American region, and also serves as the consumer regional business lead counsel for Latin America. Victoria is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she oversees a staff that supports Dell in Argentina and surrounding countries.

Victoria experienced several milestones as her career progressed. This includes getting her MBA degree in order to better understand the needs of the business and clients, and assuming a leadership role on a legal team for the first time. More recently, Victoria’s career took a major step when she became a regional business lead legal counsel for Dell.

While leading Dell Legal in countries and business segments under her responsibility, Victoria has also pursued other projects to help the business. This includes launching and leading the WISE (Women in Search of Excellence) Employee Resource Group in Southern Latin America. Victoria has also helped implement the Marketing Toolkit Best Practice. This tool empowers marketing teams, trains business stakeholders and reduces risk and transactional work while improving client satisfaction.

Victoria believes the personal characteristics that have helped her include perseverance, focus, dedication, adaptability and patience. Her leadership style is based on a collaborative approach, relying on partnership, accountability, empowerment and recognition.

To improve the odds for success, Victoria recommends being collaborative with others, delivering what you've committed, knowing that change is a constant (be ready for it), enjoying what you do and being patient — things can take longer than expected!

There have been several key influencers in Victoria’s work and career, including her family who has supported her career and contributed daily to Victoria’s development. Direct and indirect managers and mentors have also helped her to succeed and grow, and they still do. Last but not least, Victoria’s team, clients and peers all provide valuable feedback.

To balance work and life needs, Victoria recommends organizing, planning, prioritizing and optimizing time at work. Do not defer things you must do today; go ahead and do it now. Planning and organization are essential for being able to do our best at work and with our family. Because she recognizes we may have limited periods of time for spending together with family, Victoria recommends we enjoy them at the maximum.

Getting through law school does not mean that Victoria has stopped learning. Instead, she continues to pursue learning in all areas of her life and looks forward to helping shape an environment that supports women and all employees at Dell.