Earning recognition for supporting work-life flexibility for parents

At Dell, we realize that personal and professional worlds rarely fit together perfectly. However, programs that give employees more flexibility can go a long way toward improving work-life satisfaction. For the sixth consecutive year, Working Mother has ranked Dell among its top 100 U.S. companies. This consistent recognition reflects our ongoing commitment to work-life flexibility for all team members.
Challenge Solution Benefits
Challenge  Solution Benefits
Working parents around the world struggle to juggle the demands of work and home. Fulfillment as both, a caregiver and employee can seem daunting. Team members work with managers to craft a custom work plan, from variable daily work times, job sharing and compressed work weeks to work from home and part-time work arrangements. Dell Flexible Work Solutions and the Connected Work Place allow parents who work for Dell globally to become more productive at both work and home.
Dell’s programs and policies — including Connected Work Place — provide unique opportunities for our team members to have mobility and flexibility in their work. These initiatives caught the eye of Working Mother in 2013 and in previous years, and our progress toward supporting flexible work solutions continues. Regular feedback from internal surveys keeps Dell looking for ways to improve the work-life flexibility, mobility and satisfaction for all team members.

Working Mother considers a range of factors for each company. This year's award paid particular attention to flexible work solutions, employee assistance programs and leave policies. Working Mother also recognized Dell for the advanced training it provides to caregivers at the 48 U.S. childcare centers most frequented by team members. Care providers learn how to talk to families about important topics for young children, such as embracing healthy foods, encouraging physical activity and promoting gender equity in sports.

We're proud to have our parent-friendly work environment recognized. The success of Dell's Connected Workplace is measured best by those who benefit directly in their personal and professional lives — our team members:
Dell’s 2013 Working Mother of the Year: Penne Allen

Launched in 2010, the Dell Working Mother of the Year was inspired by Working Mother Magazine. The internal recognition gives Dell team members a chance to nominate working mothers who they feel have set an example by the way they manage their personal and professional lives. In addition to being featured on Dell's internal blog One Dell Way and in a video log, recognized team members travel to the annual Work-Life Congress Conference in New York where Working Mother recognizes its Top 100 companies and their Working Mothers of the Year.

In recognizing Penne, Dell considered her vision for success at work and at home, her approach to work-life flexibility, and how Dell’s programs and policies support her personal and professional life.
Tips for managing work and life from Dell team members
  • Manage your work workload.
    • Clearly articulate what you can do. Commit and deliver it on time. Ensure you have a clear, prioritized deadline.
  • Establish clear, easy communication with teachers and coaches.
    • Make it a point to schedule a call every two to three weeks with every teacher. Attend events that are most important to the kids and let relatives fill in the rest.
  • Use available resources.
    • If possible, work remotely from home when you have doctor appointments, school activities and early morning meetings.
For more than 24 years, Penne Allen, director of Global Executive Briefing Centers, has worn a Dell badge. As a mother of two, she’s raised her children at Dell. "I’m convinced that I’m a better mom because I’m a working mom," shared Penne. She believes that one of the keys to having a fulfilling career while raising a family is to keep a clear focus on what’s truly important. For Penne, it’s simple: "I want to be the best mom that my children can have."

Penne’s story and Dell's connected workplace extend to and are used by both working parents, every day.

What works for team members: Dell's approach to work-life flexibility

Dell offers a variety of formal and informal tools and policies that give team members more flexibility in their personal and professional lives, including:
  • Mobile working options
  • Variable daily work times
  • Job sharing
  • Compressed work weeks
  • Tele-work arrangements
  • Part-time work arrangements
  • Mobile technology solutions
In addition to flexible and mobile work options, Dell offers employee assistance programs that support team members in accomplishing milestones such as, losing weight, quitting smoking and preparing their children for college admission.

Explore career opportunities and find out more about Dell's approach to flexibility.