Michael Dell With this report, we are articulating our long-term goals and plan for corporate social responsibility at Dell. We are setting the bar high. By 2020, we expect to reduce the energy intensity of our product portfolio by 80 percent, use only packaging that is 100 percent compostable or recyclable, and rally our global workforce to give 5 million volunteer hours to the communities we call home — just to name a few.

But we are also laying out a new vision that extends well beyond what Dell can do alone. We’ve set an aspirational goal of generating 10 times more benefit through our technology than it takes to make and use it. We call it the 10x20 Goal — A Legacy of Good.
It’s about capturing the innovative ways our customers are using Dell technology to do good in the world. That could mean dramatically reducing carbon emissions with our cloud solutions, or predicting and guarding against severe weather patterns with our high-performance computing capabilities, or delivering solar-powered classrooms to remote regions of the world with our energy-efficient virtual desktops.

Our 10x20 Goal is about measuring not only the sustainable and social initiatives Dell can execute, but also the ripple effect of how our technology enables others to benefit the planet. We believe it will be dramatic.

The challenges facing the world today require collaboration and partnership among people and organizations with a shared vision of what could be. Our commitment is evident in the plan and aspirational goals outlined in this report. We are all in and look forward to working alongside our customers and stakeholders to leave a positive, measurable and lasting contribution to our planet and our society.
Michael S. Dell
Chairman and CEO
Dell Inc.