Dell’s client computing vision for the enterprise is delivering client computing solutions that augment our traditional PC offerings and enable IT to navigate their increasingly complex environment. Dell client-computing solutions take advantage of advances in network bandwidth, virtualization technologies and network-based computing to deliver architectures customized to meet the needs of both IT and end users.

Shifting the Focus

In today’s IT environment, users tend to be defined by their computing devices, and much of IT operations are focused on managing, securing and ensuring the compliance of these devices. But what if IT could shift its focus from specific devices to the individuals using the devices?

Achieving True IT Simplicity

Dell client computing solutions are built on our belief that achieving true IT simplicity requires a paradigm shift from managing an ever-growing number of devices toward managing the end user’s digital identity — the data, preferences, applications, operating systems and associated IT policies that uniquely define the individual. This shift in focus is a key step toward delivering IT services more flexibly to a variety of client devices. This approach represents an evolutionary progression toward a ubiquitous computing model in which users can access their specific corporate resources from anywhere using a variety of devices.

Balancing Control and Flexibility

To realize this objective, Dell solutions are designed to provide IT with centralized control of end-user data and images (or digital identity), while still enabling end-user flexibility to work from anywhere and eventually on any device.