Leveraging technology, team members and expertise to help wholeheartedly

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, the challenge we all face is to understand the needs of those affected and find the best ways to assist quickly. Dell works with disaster relief organizations to get the information we need so we may respond effectively, whether by technology donations, funding support, on-the-ground clean-up help and more. We quickly establish an information hub within our global online giving community so team members can discover ways they can assist, including through volunteer opportunities or by monetary donations that are matched by Dell.
Disaster Relief Bastrop

Our approach to disaster relief leverages the following elements in specialized ways according to each event we are responding to:

  • Dell’s productions and solutions
  • Our own team members’ time and expertise
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Our ability to give financially in times of crisis with corporate donations and our employee match program
JapanDonated Dell technology helps researchers following the Japan earthquake
Researchers used Dell technology to predict aftershocks and coordinate relief efforts following the Japan earthquake in March 2011. Dell Japan team members also responded in various ways to this devastating event — from cleaning streets to assembling supplies for school children.
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HaitiDell helps reconnect Haiti after earthquake
The Haiti Ministry of Education was able to begin school on time, thanks in part to the communication center established by a collaborative effort between Dell and other information and communication technology companies post this disaster in January 2010.
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The American Red CrossDell delivers new social media command center to Red Cross
Dell and Red Cross created the Red Cross Digital Operations Center Powered by Dell, the first social media command center of its kind devoted to humanitarian aid. It enables the American Red Cross to track and monitor disaster emergencies as they happen via social networks.
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Team member volunteers lead the charge when disasters strike

We leverage our expertise in technology solutions to connect our employees to opportunities, to participate in disaster relief efforts. To speed our response to disaster-victim needs, we mobilize our team members through social media. A home page banner on our intranet shares opportunities for giving and volunteering. Dedicated chat rooms enable team members around the world to collaborate virtually and synchronize their efforts for maximum impact. Through Dell’s online giving community, employees can communicate with one another, sign up for volunteer opportunities, donate online and track their giving.

Dell giving partnerships boost our response capabilities

Relief needs vary globally, so humanitarian relief organizations are often best positioned to understand the unique needs of their communities. Dell has partnered with selected relief organizations, such as the American Red Cross, NetHope and UNICEF, and in response to specific community disasters, we have provided some combination of the latest Dell technology, financial resources, and team member time and expertise.

The American Red Cross is our long-time U.S. partner in responding to disasters, and to strengthen that relationship, we’re establishing a formal partnership. Together, we’re looking for more ways our technology and team member expertise can help the American Red Cross better fulfill its mission of responding to communities in need. For example, we have designated the American Red Cross and their chapters as the official recipient of U.S. disaster donations, which will focus and leverage the impact of our donations. Dell and Red Cross also created the Red Cross Digital Operations Center Powered by Dell, the first social media command center of its kind devoted to humanitarian aid. It enables the American Red Cross to track and monitor disaster emergencies as they happen via social networks.

Multiplying employee donations through our corporate match

As part of our team member engagement program, Dell team members worldwide donate generously to disaster relief and other community needs that they are passionate about. Team members’ donations go further in making a meaningful difference as Dell matches their contribution dollar for dollar up to $10,000 per employee, per calendar year (limits established for each disaster).

Examples of Dell’s disaster relief efforts
  • To aid flood-damaged businesses in Thailand in 2011, we offered cost reductions on spare parts and introduced three new programs: a “Dell Doctor IT” repair initiative for affected systems, an IT-based benevolent strategy for clients with flood-hit operations and a special Disaster Recovery Team to help affected customers. To help aid in the recovery following the flooding, Dell donated $350,000 to UNICEF while team members contributed more than $17,000 in giving matched by Dell.
  • As Texas suffered through one of the worst droughts in the state's history in 2011, massive wildfires burned through 3.5 million acres and destroyed more than 1,300 homes over one month in Bastrop County, 30 miles east of Dell headquarters in Round Rock. Dell team members organized fundraisers, manned phone banks, collected relief supplies and helped clear debris.
  • In 2011, team members donated more than $400,000 to aid in relief efforts following disasters in Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, East Africa, Turkey, the United States and the Philippines.
  • Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Dell donated over 100 computers, including 46 rugged notebooks, to NetHope, which placed them with member agencies. Along with technology partners, Fujitsu and Digicel, we also donated the information communications technology the Haiti Ministry of Education needed to handle student enrollment and begin the school year on time.