Solving the e-waste issue at the source

E-waste is a global issue. Dell wants to impact e-waste at its source instead of simply passing the issue on to someone else. So, in 2009, we became the first in our industry to ban the export of nonworking electronics and e-waste to developing countries. The unregulated disposal of e-waste can negatively impact the environment, health and safety of regions like China, India and Africa.

In FY13, Dell completed our goal of collecting 1 billion pounds of e-waste and continues to be an industry leader.

Challenge Solution Benefit
Developing countries have
been negatively impacted by
the dumping of e-waste.

Dell became the first
computer manufacturer to
ban the export
of e-waste to developing
E-waste is addressed at the
source instead of being sent
to developing countries,
creating new recycling
options and programs.

Our Policy

The Basel Convention greatly reduces the international transfer of waste, including e-waste. Dell has expanded and surpassed the Convention’s guidelines to define e-waste as all nonworking parts or devices, regardless of materials, and require that all equipment be tested and certified before being exported. The policy also states:

  • All exports and imports of electronic waste handled by Dell and its authorized environmental partners will comply with existing international waste trade agreements and legal requirements
  • Dell does not permit electronic waste to be exported from developed (members countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development [OECD] or the European Union [EU]) to developing (non-OECD/EU) countries, either directly or through intermediaries
  • No prison or child labor will be used in the disposal of electronic waste
  • Every reasonable effort will be made to control all electronic wastes and prevent it from entering landfills or incinerators

Through Our Disposal Chain

Any e-waste collected or accumulated through our disposal chain must be tracked and documented, through final disposition, to ensure that it is properly recycled. We audit ourselves and our recycling partners to confirm our policies and standards are being met.

What is E-waste