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Alienware Steam Machine

The Alienware Steam Machine PC gaming console features an incredibly small footprint, providing the best balance between size, performance and aesthetics for the living room gaming experience. Based on Valve SteamOS, it’s designed to combine the ease of a console with the freedom of a PC, and give gamers quick and easy access to the latest and hottest PC gaming titles. The Alienware Steam Machine echoes the build quality and advanced engineering that are hallmarks of the brand, including a custom-built chassis to provide optimal thermal and acoustic management for a gaming console destined for the living room. The Alienware Steam Machine will be available in late 2014.

Alienware Steam Machine Alienware Steam Machine

Alienware X51 Desktop

The Alienware™ X51 delivers a big gaming experience without a big box or a big budget. Alienware’s smallest gaming desktop ever, the X51 delivers an exhilarating 1080p HD and 3D gaming experience of today’s top tier titles while the new, smaller chassis design offers the flexibility to turn any living space, from the living room to the dorm room, into an entertainment and gaming mecca.

Check out the Alienware X51 product detail page for more information and images.

Alienware X51 Desktop Alienware X51 Desktop Alienware X51 Desktop  Alienware X51 Desktop

Alienware Aurora Desktop

Experience extreme gaming with the Alienware™ Aurora™, the most advanced desktop Alienware has created. Ever. With the latest technology and intelligent design, gamers can envelop themselves in the action, experience blazing fast performance and immersive graphics.

Check out the Alienware Aurora product detail page for more information and images.

Alienware Aurora X79 Desktop with ALX Chassis  Alienware Aurora X79 Desktop with ALX Chassis and OptX AW2210 Monitor Alienware Aurora X79 Desktop with ALX Chassis Alienware Aurora X79 Desktop with ALX Chassis - Beauty