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PowerConnect Switches
The PowerConnect™ family offers a set of flexible, manageable and comprehensive switch solutions supporting up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and optimized Internet iSCSI (iSCSI) performance with Dell Storage solutions, ideal for enterprise and campus LAN environments alike.
Managed 10GbE Switches
10Gb entry-level top-of-rack switching, 1/10Gb server/storage aggregation and medium to large enterprise wiring closets in a compact, flexible and reliable switching platform.
PowerConnect 8100  PowerConnect 8024 Ethernet Switch   PowerConnect 8024F Switch  
PowerConnect 8100 Series — 8132 and 8164  PowerConnect 8024  PowerConnect 8024F   

Managed Layer 3GbE Switches
3GbE entry-level top-of-rack switching, 1/10Gb server aggregation and enterprise wiring closets in a flexible, scalable switching platform.
PowerConnect 6224 Switch  PowerConnect 6224F Switch  PowerConnect 6248 Switch   PowerConnect 7024 Switch
PowerConnect 6224  PowerConnect 6224F  PowerConnect 6248  PowerConnect 7024 
PowerConnect 7024F Switch  PowerConnect 7048 Switch  PowerConnect 7048R   
 PowerConnect 7024F PowerConnect 7048   PowerConnect 7048R  

Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switches
Server aggregation and access layer switching for enterprise campus through small office and branch offices with ease of management and simplified operation.
PowerConnect 5524 Switch  PowerConnect 5548 Switch      
PowerConnect 5524   PowerConnect 5548    

Power-Over-Ethernet Switches
Simplifying enterprise and branch deployments with connectivity for network-attached peripherals and voice over IP (VoIP) environments in compact, scalable switching platforms.
PowerConnect 6248P Switch  PowerConnect 6224P Switch  PowerConnect 5548P Switch  PowerConnect 5524P Switch 
PowerConnect 6248P  PowerConnect 6224P  PowerConnect 5548P  PowerConnect 5524P 
PowerConnect 3524P Switch  PowerConnect 3548P Switch  PowerConnect 7024P Switch  PowerConnect 7048P Switch  
PowerConnect 3524P  PowerConnect 3548P  PowerConnect 7024P   PowerConnect 7048P

Managed Fast Ethernet Switches
Access layer switching with advanced management and network security for campus through small, branch offices.
PowerConnect 3524 Switch  PowerConnect 3548 Switch     
 PowerConnect 3524 PowerConnect 3548     

Web-Managed Switches
Essential GbE connectivity for small branch and remote offices requiring simplified or no management and quick deployment.
PowerConnect 2808 Switch  PowerConnect 2816 Switch  PowerConnect 2824 Switch   PowerConnect 2848 Switch
PowerConnect 2808  PowerConnect 2816  PowerConnect 2824  PowerConnect 2848