2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Living up to our commitment means taking real, measurable actions. Our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan outlines our strategies and sets forth a number of goals that help us track progress. We are proud of all that we’ve accomplished so far in working toward these goals.

This FY16 Corporate Social Responsibility Report summarizes our annual performance against our 2020 Plan. Combined with our annual Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4-based online index, it provides customers and other stakeholders with a picture of how Dell is delivering on our commitment and measuring up to the goals we’ve set.

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See how we're progressing towards our 2020 Legacy of Good goals

It also presents an opportunity to celebrate our successes and address our challenges as we make our journey to 2020.

Action Areas

10 x 20 Goal supply chain environment  communities people
10 x 20 Goal

By 2020, the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it.

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Supply Chain

Transparency throughout our supply chain is a Dell standard and we are working diligently to show how, where and who builds our products.

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Sustainability isn't just creating eco-friendly products, it's about including environmental responsibility into everything we do.

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We're looking to provide technology and education to all communities. It's not just funding, it's volunteering our time, technology and expertise towards solving social issues.

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Dell's people strategy is designed to build diverse, inclusive teams that feel valued, engaged and inspired.

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More Information

Michael Dell Letter dell by the numbers csr report archive materiality analysis how we report
Michael Dell Letter

A message from Michael Dell on our progress in meeting our goals set in the 2020 Legacy of Good Plan.

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Dell by the Numbers

Come see exactly where we stand as we progress towards our 2020 Legacy of Good goals.

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CSR Report Archive

Come see where we've been with our previous Corporate Social Responsibility Reports.

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Materiality Analysis

Dell has conducted an extensive analysis of the most material topics for our evolving business.

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How we Report

We work with internal and external stakeholders to determine what we publically report and be as transparent as possible.

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