Community Service and Volunteerism

Team members are making an impact through the Community Service Program, working with charities by providing their time, money and expertise. The program allows team members to easily get involved with organizations they — and their co-workers — are passionate about.

The beauty of our community service approach lies in its balance of strategy and flexibility.
community service
Team members’ year-round service to our strategic giving programs helps align volunteerism, technology donations and grants around these initiatives for maximum impact. At the same time, we also encourage team members to volunteer for any charity they choose — local, national or international — and their ongoing service supports more than 15,000 nonprofit organizations around the world.

Volunteer hours have increased dramatically

Our efforts have driven an enormous increase in volunteerism over the past few years, from 175,000 total team member service hours in 2010 to more than 739,000 in FY14. As of January 2014, 57 percent of our global team members volunteered, supporting charities in more than 60 countries.

Several initiatives fuel our program:

  • An online community. With our Powering the Possible portal, team members log hours, donate, find new causes to support, and share interests and experiences with others around the world. Vetted organizations can also post volunteer opportunities, communicate their needs (such as essential items), and share stories and pictures with Dell’s over 100,000 global team members.
  • Corporate matching. Team members who donate monetarily to their preferred vetted organizations make an additional impact as Dell matches their contribution dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 per employee, per calendar year.
  • Virtual volunteering opportunities. Our team members are empowered to bring their skills — like copywriting, web development and graphic design — to global projects that can be done virtually.
  • A global impact. Like our teams, our giving is global, and touches thousands of charities in 60 countries.
  • An opportunity to give even more. If an employee volunteers ten or more hours with any charitable organization and tracks that time in our online portal, the employee can choose a charity of their choice to donate $150 USD. This is a quarterly program that offers over $600 USD to each employee on an annual basis.
    Volunteer efforts have not only benefited our nonprofit partners, but also our team members. Volunteering has been rewarding and in many cases enlightening.

  • Volunteer Spotlight
    community service "I’ve been fortunate enough to mentor a handful of incredibly talented individuals within certain nonprofits and they in turn have taught me," Natasha Reuben with Dell South Africa said.

    My career now involves so much more. Through volunteering I’ve learned the importance of sharing knowledge, asking questions and looking at things from someone else’s perspective.”

    Most importantly, our Community Service program is an integral part of our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan. We aim to engage 75 percent of team members in community service and provide 5 million cumulative hours of service by 2020.

    If you have volunteer needs and would like to connect with Dell’s giving team, please email us at dell-support@yourcause.com. Organizations who participate in the Powering the Possible Portal must be a U.S. registered charity (501c3) or vetted equivalency.
    FY14 Progress Points 
    BulletResponded to nine natural disasters, including those in Canada, China, India, Mexico, the Philippines and the United States. 
    BulletInstalled our first two solar-powered classrooms in Africa 
    BulletExpanded and supported a second trial through the Children's Cancer Care program 
    BulletSet a new company record with 739,000 employee volunteer hours 
    BulletFY14 Corporate Responsibility Report 
    Corporate Responsibility Report

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