Just as we believe technology is the center of human progress, we know that when our team members get involved in supporting non-profits, the impact of our charitable donations and partnerships becomes even greater.

The success of our Giving Back program - which includes employee volunteerism, matching employees’ charitable donations, and disaster relief - lies in its balance of strategy and flexibility.

Community Service

In FY17, Dell employees logged 821,000 hours of volunteer time across 66 countries. Their service positively impacted 1.5 million people globally, with charitable contributions totaling $52.2 million.

We also reward team members for their community service, giving anyone who logs 10 or more hours of volunteer time a US$150 voucher to donate to the charity of their choice.
When team members volunteer, they may do so during or after work hours, and they can record their community service hours through our Legacy of Good Community online portal. If your organization has volunteer needs and would like to connect with Dell’s volunteers, please email us at dell-support@yourcause.com. Organizations who participate in the Legacy of Good Community Portal must be a U.S. registered charity (501c3) or vetted equivalency.

Donation Matching

Through our Matching Gifts program, Dell matches team members’ charitable donations up to $10,000 per team member per calendar year.

In FY16, Dell matched $7.2 million in team member donations.

Visit YourCause for more information.
disaster relief

disaster reliefDisaster Relief

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, the challenge we all face is to understand the needs of those affected and find the best ways to assist quickly.

Relief needs vary globally, so humanitarian relief organizations are often best positioned to understand the unique needs of their communities.

Dell works with disaster relief organizations to respond effectively, through technology donations, funding support, on-the-ground clean-up help and more.
Our approach to disaster relief leverages the following elements, customized to each event we respond to:
  • Dell’s products and solutions donations
  • Our own team members’ time and expertise
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Our ability to give financially in times of crisis with corporate donations and our employee match program
In addition to donating funds and technology, we also raise awareness of the disaster among our team members and match employees donations when they donate through our Legacy of Good Community online portal.