Our Commitment to Our People

Marketplace & Brand
Dell’s People Strategy is designed to help us attract the world’s greatest talent and deliver breakthrough performance for our customers, our business and our team members. Our goal is to ensure that Dell is a compelling destination where team members feel valued, engaged and inspired to do their best work.

Supporting Our Team Members:
  • Through Hiring (University Relations and Schools) - At Dell we want to attract the best and brightest to help create the best technology in the world to advance human potential.
  • Through A Connected Workplace – A strategic business initiative to create a highly mobile, collaborative and flexible working environment.
  • Through Training and Leader Development – We encourage ongoing learning and development through various learning methods.
  • Through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – We have 10 ERGs that all team members can join to network, develop skills, and give back to their community.
  • Through Employer of Choice Recognitions – We are honored to be recognized for our partnerships with diverse communities.
  • Through Tell Dell – Tell Dell is important to our culture. We want all team members to have a voice in how we interact with one another around the globe.

Hiring – University Relations and Schools

Our hiring strategy reflects the new reality of how people look for jobs and how we find the best talent. We focus on social media engagement more than on traditional career fairs, and the in-person events we do hold are centered on interactive learning and deeper discussion. In addition to filling positions as they become available, we steadily build our employment brand and our long-term relationships with potential candidates for future jobs in the more than 36 countries where we operate.

To help us achieve our 2020 goal of hiring 25% of all external hires from universities we have cultivated deep relationships with major universities and student organizations in all of our regions. Our engagement in the U.S. with such organizations as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the National Black MBA Association has helped us achieve a 60 percent year-over-year increase in diverse hires.

Connected Workplace

Dell is committed to providing team members with opportunities to grow and thrive, and promoting flexible work arrangements is one of the best ways we can foster happiness in both work and life. The global nature of our business means that team members are often working with customers and colleagues across several time zones, making flexibility imperative. Team members may also have important personal and family commitments that are much easier to meet via alternative work arrangements.
  • Our Connected Workplace programs have helped us avoid 6,700 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions – the same as not driving nearly 16 million miles.
  • Flexible work practices also help to conserve natural resources and energy, reduce transportation-related pollution, promote public safety and lessen the strain on transportation systems. It also allows us to maximize our use of office space, supporting team members in working where and when they’re most productive and minimizing our operating costs and environmental impact.
  • Connected Workplace has evolved to being a key component of our culture as well as our efforts to attract and retain world-class talent. Enabling a flexible workforce allows us to hire the best person for each role, despite their physical location or ability to commute to a Dell facility.
We understand tools, technology and training are imperative for remote or mobile team members to cultivate personal connections, build strong teams and manage a dispersed global workforce. Therefore, we continue to invest in and encourage team members to utilize resources available to them such as virtual training offerings and a dependable IT infrastructure.

Training and Leader Development

Dell supports its team members and leaders by providing robust training at all levels, from first-time people managers to directors and executives, for a truly end-to-end experience spanning each person’s career. This helps align approaches, builds on strong foundations and encourages growth of new leaders at all levels.

We want to create learning experiences that serve leaders and team members globally:
  • We offer online courses which allow participants the opportunity to learn at any given moment.
  • We offer instructor-led courses regionally so that participants get hands-on learning in the classroom to help them talk through business goals and challenges.
  • We offer numerous learning topics within a learning library so that team members can quickly find a topic of interest that impacts their work and can find solutions to best meet their needs.
We provide programs to power our team members’ growth and development. We offer multi-year rotations to help give team members hands-on learning opportunities in the following areas: Finance, Marketing, IT, Operations and HR.

Employee Resource Groups:

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) connect team members who share common ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and lifestyle, backgrounds or interests. The groups provide members a community where they can support one another’s personal and professional development through mentoring, networking, volunteerism and community involvement. ERGs are also a key source of innovation at Dell and have helped design products and programs tailored to our global customers’ diverse needs. Listed below are our ERGs and their community focus areas:

Asians In MotionAsians In MotionAsian
B.R.I.D.G.E.BRIDGEAfrican American/Black
GenNextGenNextYoung Professionals
True AbilityTrue-AbilityDisabilities/Special Needs

A global look at our ERGs around the world:

Employee Resource Groups

Employer of Choice Recognitions:

Being a best-in-class Employer of Choice means our team members think Dell is a great place to work, and they recommend our company to potential hires. We find that new hires referred to Dell by current team members tend to be more likely to fit our culture – having prior personal connections helps both us and the candidate ensure the job will be a good match.

Our team members’ enthusiasm for working at Dell also drives external recognition of our employment brand, with many organizations around the globe including us on their “best places to work” lists. Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge across the technology industry, and this public spotlight on our unique culture, programs and benefits bolsters our global recruiting efforts.

Tell Dell

Our annual employee satisfaction survey is not just a simple measure of how much our team members enjoy the mechanics of their job. It goes deeper to gauge whether they feel listened to, understood, respected and empowered to help shape our company’s direction.

By engaging Dell team members in a two-way dialogue through our annual employment survey we have improved team member satisfaction – and their ability to serve our customers – by using their feedback to make daily incremental changes that keep our culture of innovation thriving.
FY14 Progress Points 
BulletThe Foundations of Leadership training was completed by 79 percent of newly promoted leaders  
BulletIncreased the number of locations offering a Connected Workplace option to 44, up from 37 the previous year
BulletThanks to the Connected Workplace program, 6,700 metric tons of greenhouse gases were avoided 
BulletCorporate Social Responsibility Report
BulletMen Advocating Real Change (MARC) is an initiative for men who are committed to achieving gender equality in the workplace. 
BulletMARC Leaders receive training on inclusive leadership practices and drive positive change through role modeling and engaging others on this topic.