New Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation Servers

Dell's highest performing, most innovative servers ever.

Ensuring your IT infrastructure keeps pace with ever-changing demands can be a daunting task. With the new Dell™ PowerEdge™ 12th generation servers with 2nd generation embedded systems management, you can spend more time innovating and less worrying.

Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers offer the most advanced Dell server innovations to give you more power and the tools to harness it. Dell’s 2nd generation embedded systems management deploys, updates, monitors and maintains the entire server lifecycle, through truly agent-free management. Process more data. Support more applications. Reduce infrastructure complexity. And increase efficiencies without increasing your bottom line.

There’s a Dell PowerEdge 12th generation server that’s just right for you.

  • Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers.
  • The new dell poweredge r620 shines when handling virtualization, high performance computing (hpc), and workgroup collaboration.
  • Dell PowerEdge R620 has compute density in a 1u form factor
  • The R620 features hot-swappable fans, disks, power-supply units (psus).
  • Run complex workloads with the R720 and GT feature flexibility in a 2-socket, 2u rack server
  • Run a wide range of applications on the R720.
  • PowereEge R720 Rack Server — LED LCD detail
  • quickly access and process vast amounts of data with the R720xd.
  • Hot-swappable fans.
  • The M620 has an ultra-dense design with an ideal blend of density, performance, efficiency and scalability.
  • Poweredge m1000e blade enclosure with poweredge m620 blade servers.
  • The poweredge m620 leverages the m1000e blade enclosure.
  • enterprise-class, 2-socket tower server emphasizes high performance and high availability with built-in room for growth.
  • The new PowerEdge C6220 server is a workhorse with up to four 2-socket server nodes in 2U.
  • Quick disconnect fans ease and speed serviceability.
  • Family
  • PowerEdge R620 Rack Server - LED LCD Detail
  • PowerEdge R620 Rack Server
  • PowerEdge R620 Rack Server - Power Supply Detail
  • PowerEdge R720 Rack Server
  • PowerEdge R720 Rack Server - HDD
  • PowerEdge R720 Rack Server - LED LCD Detail
  • PowerEdge R720xd Rack Server
  • PowerEdge R720xd Rack Server - Fans Detail
  • PowerEdge M620 Blade Server
  • PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure with PowerEdge M620 Blade Servers
  • PowerEdge T620 Tower Server
  • PowerEdge T620 Tower Server - Power Supply
  • PowerEdge C6220 Rack Server
  • PowerEdge C6220 Rack Server - 2 Node Internal Fan
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Designed by you. Developed by Dell.

We’ve spent over a year gathering more than 7,700 discrete customer insights to develop our new servers. Many of these valuable insights have led to design features delivered in our new Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers.

 Moneygram logo“In the past, we had to purchase and install additional network interface cards to have the technology we wanted from our preferred vendor. It was costly and time-consuming. The Dell Select Network Adapter technology available with the Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers allows us to have our preferred networking vendor, technology, and speed right out of the box. We can better tailor our servers to our applications without having to spend more time or resources.”
Stacey Brown, Senior UNIX Administrator, Moneygram International
 spryware“SpryWare is dedicated to providing ultra low-latency financial market data to its customers. We constantly refresh our hardware to accommodate the rapidly increasing speed and volume of transactions that we need to process and redistribute to customers. Our testing showed that the increased core count and improved processor architecture of the new Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers significantly boosted performance of our software compared with previous-generation servers. By processing more data and delivering that data to customers faster, we can help them make better and more timely financial decisions.”
Al Pintoy, Director, Research and Development, SpryWare LLC
 University of Utah logo“In managing and maintaining the high-performance computing systems at the University of Utah, we need to be very responsive to new requests and potential issues, around the clock. We rely on the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) to address problems remotely—sometimes from home, in the middle of the night—without having to run into the data center. The iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller available with the Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers will help ensure that HPC resources are available whenever users need them. We couldn’t run without iDRAC.”
Erik Brown, System Administrator, Center for High-Performance Computing, University of Utah

Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers begin shipping March 2012.

To stay innovative, you must quickly adapt to changing demands. With the new Dell PowerEdge servers with embedded systems management in your corner, you can spend less time on maintenance and more time on innovation.

Performance for today. Flexibility for tomorrow.

To stay innovative, you must quickly adapt to the changing demands of your customers or constituents. And making sure your IT infrastructure keeps pace can be a daunting task. Thankfully with new Dell PowerEdge™ 12th generation servers with 2nd generation embedded systems management in your corner, you can spend more time achieving and less time struggling to keep up.

Accomplish MoreImprove operational efficiency
 1. Manage anywhere, anytime with truly agent-free server management.
 2. Reduce maintenance time with auto-update for replacement parts.
 3. Control cooling costs with better power monitoring and control.
 4. Tailor your network to your applications with fabric flexibility.
Ensure business continuityEnsure business continuity
 5. Access the most vital information quicker via storage tiering.
 6. Protect data in motion using best-in-class RAID.
 7. Protect data at rest with malware resistance and faster encryption.
 8. Keep data safer with firmware signing and encrypted credentials.
Improve operational efficiencyAccomplish more
 9.  Accelerate high-performance computing and virtual desktop environments with integrated graphics processor.
10. Get more throughput with major I/O (input/output) performance enhancements.
11. Accept no compromise on virtualization with maximum memory density.
12. Get faster compute results with the most advanced processor technology.

Not more technology. Better technology.

Exclusive Dell PowerEdge 12th generation server innovations give you even more power to:
Futureproof your data center. Futureproof your data center
Our unique Dell Select Network Adapter gives you modular choices for network fabric capability. This flexibility allows you to then choose your vendor/provider, speed and networking technologies. So in the future, you can seamlessly migrate between 1GbE and 10GbE.
Make the migration to agent-free control.Make the migration to truly agent-free control
iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller, our innovative agent-free system management tool, provides direct access to hardware status, inventory and configuration even if the operating system is down or not installed. iDRAC7 allows you to monitor, troubleshoot and remediate servers. It also sends you server alerts with improved error messaging and removes dependence on the operating system or agents. You get increased oversight with fewer resources and lower cost.
Experience a revolutionary bottleneck breakthrough.Experience a revolutionary bottleneck breakthrough
With the Dell PowerEdge Express Flash SSD, solid-state disk drives can now be connected directly to the PCIe Gen 3 bus, providing 500 percent faster data access than previous Dell servers. This unique innovation allows you to tune and optimize workload performance so that data can be turned into valuable information faster. Run workloads more efficiently with the flexibility to optimize all workload operations. And enjoy accelerated performance for databases, ERP solutions and other high I/O applications.

Virtual performance delivered.

Many organizations are using virtualization to address growth and business consolidation and drive operational efficiency. They are moving from previous one-server, one-application approaches to running virtual instances of those applications on a single host server. These virtualized applications typically include workgroup collaboration, web servers, databases and others.

Designed for virtualization.Designed for virtualization
The Dell PowerEdge™ 12th generation servers with 2nd generation embedded management have been designed with virtualization in mind including maximized memory capacities and lots of fast internal storage capacity (sometimes double the speed that of the previous generation servers) and with new highly flexible I/O and networking options such as Select Network Adapters, Dell’s innovative modular NIC technology.
Easier management.Easier management
This all adds up to letting you consolidate more of your IT environment — using fewer servers — saving cost, energy and space. Furthermore, managing virtual environments is easier than ever. You can take advantage of Dell’s Virtual Integrated System™ solution to enable complex virtualization environments in just a few mouse clicks. And the integration of Dell’s OpenManage system management with VIS, VMware® vCenter™ and Microsoft® System Center simplifies managing both physical and virtual assets.
Greater security.Greater security
The new Dell PowerEdge™ 12th generation servers with 2nd generation systems management are also designed to ensure business continuity and provide secure, continual access to the IT services that power your business. They enable you to maximize your virtual environments uptime with failsafe hypervisors that run redundantly on mirrored dual SD cards.
Better performance.Better performance
New Dell PowerEdge™ 12th generation servers have been engineered to meet the demands of running multiple applications in a virtualized environment. For failsafe virtualization, the new PowerEdge allows redundancy for embedded hypervisor deployments in order to maximize uptime. And Dell ProSupport™ helps you troubleshoot issues to get systems up and running quickly.

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Introducing the new Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers

Introducing the new Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers


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