Dell Youth Learning has a global impact, helping communities across the world learn and collaborate through technology. Each one of these organizations is full of stories, from children who are being introduced to the internet for the first time to having platforms to build their own applications. In China, it means robots.
The Dell Cup Robotics Tournament
One of Youth Learning's partners in China is the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF), which helps educate China’s children and is best known for the Project Hope program for children in rural areas. With Dell, we’re helping CYDF expose migrant children to technology and computer skills.

That’s where the Tournament comes in. Kids think robots are, well, cool. It’s easier to engage them when they can actually see their work in action. It’s applied learning at its best and helps children learn about technology and innovation. Over 1,000 have been children enrolled in the program. They learned how to program their robots to perform a variety of tasks and then hooked them up via Bluetooth® and watched them actually operate.
The Dell Cup Robotics Tournament

The Future

Technology gaps are becoming more and more pervasive, especially in developing countries. Youth Learning is trying to bridge that, however, by giving children access to technology and letting them test their imagination. We’re looking forward to doing more and expanding our reach where we can.