Team Members in Action

We are proud of our employees who are working around the world to build stronger communities, create a supportive workplace and promote diversity and inclusion inside and outside our workplace.
  1. Bobbi Dangerfield

    Persistence. Hard work. International experience. Employee satisfaction. These are the themes that have helped lead the way to success for Bobbi Dangerfield.

  2. Dell’s 2014 Working Mother Of The Year: Peggy Richmond

    For nearly 8 years, Peggy Richmond, Compensation and Benefits Sr. Consultant, has worn a Dell badge. Although being a working mom requires a daily balance, Peggy believes it’s important for her girls to see her going to work every day. “They need to see me providing for my family and enjoying what I do, but at the end of the day, still coming home and being their mom,” she says.

  3. Gina Cano

    Gina Cano, service delivery manager, manages a global team remotely with team members residing in Brazil; Mexico; Panama; Phoenix, Arizona; and Round Rock, Texas.

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    Dell’s 2014 Working Mother Of The Year: Peggy Richmond