Policies and Positions

Our environmental and social policies govern the way we build our products, sustain our operations and work with our suppliers. We have strict standards that guide how we do business, as well as those who do business with us.

Our environmental policies look at the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle — from how they are built to how they are recycled. We also want to support our team members and ensure their workplace is inclusive and safe. Also, the materials used in our products and the suppliers that support our operations will be held to high ethical and environmental standards.
Corporate Responsibility Report
Dell Global Environmental Policy

At Dell, we believe that we can be most successful as a sustainability-focused company by putting technology and expertise to work where they can do the most good for people and the planet.

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Dell Global Climate Change Policy Principles

Climate change is adversely affecting communities and ecosystems. Dell supports efforts focused on mitigation and adaptation strategies and believes ICT is a natural partner for addressing climate change.

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EPEAT Statement of Compliance Concerning Toxic Chemical Releases

EPEAT's IEEE 1680.2 standard encourages transparent reporting of key environment aspects, which aligns with Dell's own philosophy about reporting. To those ends, we make information about toxic chemical releases available to the public.

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Disclosure of Supply Chain Toxics

EPEAT Public disclosure of supply chain toxics – 2013.

Information on 2011 may be found here.
Information on 2012 may be found here.

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Dell Forest Products Stewardship Model

Dell is a supplier of information technology systems to customers all over the world. It uses information technology and the Internet to communicate with customers, take orders, provide order status updates, and provide general service and support.

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Dell’s Position Statement on REACH

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, EC 1907/2007) is the European Union’s chemical regulation. It came into force on 1 June, 2007 and will be phased in over an 11-year period (until 2018).

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European Union REACH SVHC Disclosure on Candidate List

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, EC 1907/2006) is the European Union’s (EU) chemical substances regulatory framework. To allow safe use of products, REACH requires Dell to provide customers with sufficient information on substances of very high concern (SVHC) present in products in concentration above 0.1 percent weight by weight (w/w).

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Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheets

We provide safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental information for all Dell products.

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Ecolabel Certified Greener Products by Dell

Ecolabels are a great way to know more about the environmental impacts of products when you shop. To make it easier for you to shop "green" at Dell, we have put together a list of all eco-label certified Dell products.

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Water Policy Principles

Dell recognizes that water scarcity is a global issue and steps must be taken to reduce water usage and reducing our water footprint and using IT-enabled solutions can benefit all.

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Electronics Disposition Policy

Dell’s vision is to ensure that electronic products generated both from customers as well as through Dell’s sales, service and manufacturing operations are appropriately managed from assessment prior to potential reuse through final disposition.

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Environmental Partner Performance Standard

We maintain minimum requirements for all partners operating an electronics disposition or recycling program. This includes the enforcement of our ban on importing e-waste to developing countries.

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Position Statement of Dell on Individual Producer Responsibility Legislation

Individual Producer Responsibility requires Dell to internalize the costs of responsibly managing our own brand of products at the end of the products' useful lives and thus factor those cost impacts into our product design decisions.

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International Organization for Standardization Certification

Dell’s operations and businesses have earned certifications in a number of important areas, including quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, and IT security management systems. See complete list of certifications
Public Policy

Our policies regarding political contributions, disclosure and organizations and associations that Dell is a member of.

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Coalition Code of Conduct

The Electronic Industry Code of Conduct is the standard for responsible supplier operations.

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Vulnerable Worker Policy

Dell is committed to upholding the human rights of workers, and to treating them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community.

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Supplier Global Citizenship Commitment

Dell and our suppliers are committed to complying with all laws and regulations.

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Dell Human Rights and Labor Policy Statement

This Human Rights and Labor Policy Statement outlines standards to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and dignity, are working under their own free will, and are being properly compensated for their effort.

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Dell Global Health and Safety Policy

Dell aspires to provide an injury-free workplace. Accordingly, Dell will promote the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors and the local community.

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Dell's Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Diversity, inclusiveness and respect for all Dell employees form the basis of Dell's Winning Culture and are essential to Dell's success.

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India Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Policy promoting welfare of various segments of society and to comply with the recognized parameters and guidelines as laid down in the Indian Companies Act 2013 and related rules.

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Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision

Our stance on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision.

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Dell's statement on the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 and the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015

Our reaction to the California state law and the UK act requiring firms to be transparent about efforts to eliminate slavery and human trafficking in their supply chain.

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