Supply Chain

We work with our suppliers, sharing our expertise and best practices, and striving to improve their capabilities. And, we work to make it possible for our suppliers to uphold the same high standards we set for ourselves. The nature of the supply "chain" — a shared network of interconnected companies and industries — highlights for Dell, the importance of industry collaboration to set strong supplier standards that create positive change.

conflict minerals Conflict-Free Minerals

We will continue to engage our suppliers to responsibly source the materials used in our products.

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supplier responsibility Supplier Responsibility

Dell is working with our supply chain to ensure they operate responsibly and ethically.

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supplier diversity Supplier Diversity

The benefits of working with diverse suppliers are immense and include strengthening our ability to more effectively reach our diverse marketplace.

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conflict free smelter Conflict-Free Smelter

We're working to ensure that the materials used in our products are sourced responsibly and ethically.

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coalition code of conduct Coalition Code of Conduct

The development of Dell's Supplier Principles was a key element of our commitment to work with our suppliers in promoting sustainable practices.

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 supplier global citizenship commitment Supplier Global Citizenship Commitment

Dell and Dell's suppliers embrace high levels of ethical conduct.

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 policies and positions Policies and Positions

Dell has strict standards on how we do business, and who we do business with.

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list of suppliers List of Suppliers

Dell discloses a list of more than 95 percent of its suppliers as measured by spending.

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