The Power of Listening: Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) Days

Dell Customer Sdvisory Panels
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The inaugural Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) Days kicked off in June 2010 in Round Rock, Texas at the Dell headquarters. About 30 customers active in social media from across the United States attended the events over two days. Conversations and interactive panels took place in front of the eager ears of many Dell executives and employees across various groups of the business, to hear firsthand what the attendees think of the brand overall, the products, the website and the customer service.

The agendas for the events are driven via comments from conversations with and a pre-event survey of participants. The Dell teams globally learn a lot with each event and are motivated to implement the ideas heard during the event and improve internal processes. Attendees and the Dell team agree after each event that the success of CAP Days is about what happens after the customers leave. Dell is committed to delivering on the promise to execute ideas and key changes wherever possible, and to stay accountable for taking the feedback seriously.
  1. Dell CAP Canada

    Dell Canada CAP Days 2011 - Toronto


    In October 2011, Dell had the honor of hosting 14 social media savvy customers at the first Canada CAP Day in Toronto.

  2. CAP Days Reunion

    Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) Days Reunion 2011


    On July 19, 2011, our original Customer Advisory Panel members arrived in Austin for a one year reunion.

CAP Days Contacts

@cmfurtadoChristina Furtado

Read some of the attendees' reactions in their own words on their blogs.

 > Mack Collier
 > Liz Strauss 
Dave Gardner
Inaugural CAP Days 2010
Inaugural cap days 2010
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Sustainability CAP Days 2011

Sustainability CAP Days 2011
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