Giving back to the world around us has always been a part of who we are. We believe to solve the world’s most pressing issues, it takes more than just writing checks. That’s why we go beyond funding to create comprehensive programs that aim to transform the communities we serve. And, we empower our team members to use their unique skills and expertise to support the causes they’re most passionate about.

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Dell Youth Learning Youth Learning
Dell believes that access to education and technology is not a luxury, but a necessity. That’s why we work with non-profit organizations around the world to close the learning gap and give young people the power to discover better possibilities.

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  children's cancer care Children’s Cancer Care
Part of our philanthropic contribution to improving healthcare is through a focus on accelerating pediatric cancer treatment. Dell believes technology is a critical part of enabling more effective treatment.

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community service Volunteering
Serving the communities in which we live and work is something Dell team members are passionate about. Our community service program enables employees to share their expertise and provide support to charitable causes and non-profit organizations.

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  disaster relief Disaster Relief
Giving to our communities in their time of need has always been a priority for Dell. Our technology and expertise power critical, widespread disaster response, and our compassion and giving bring local relief.

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red cross American Red Cross
Dell has partnered with the American Red Cross to launch a digital operations center devoted to responding to supporting humanitarian relief efforts.

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  solar powered classroom Dell Learning Labs
Dell is using solar-powered, mobile, low-cost classrooms to bring technology and learning opportunities to almost anywhere on the planet

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