2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

In 2013, we announced our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan - 21 social and environmental goals that guide how we will use Dell technology and expertise to do the most good for people and the planet.

The FY15 Corporate Social Responsibility Report is our second update of our progress towards meeting these goals. Much work has been completed, but even more remains. We will update our progress annually as we make our way towards 2020.

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Building a Legacy of Good

We believe technology has a powerful role in helping others to benefit the world. So two years ago we put a strategic plan behind that belief: our Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan. We’re committed to achieving 21 goals by 2020 that bring social and environmental objectives together with our business objectives to create value for our customers as well as our people and the planet.

In releasing our second annual report on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, we are excited to share measurable results that demonstrate this shared value.