Education Data Management

  1. Education Data Management (EDM) Workshop from Dell: The First Step to a Successful EDM Program

    Explore how your organization can successfully implement and manage a high-value EDM program in this half-day workshop, provided by Dell™ at no cost.

  2. Dell Tablet Operational Efficiency

    13 Mar 2013

    Securely access your school network anytime and anywhere with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that can help you deliver operational efficiency for IT administrators and school districts, while enabling personalized learning experience in the classroom.

  3. Education Dashboard

    22 Feb 2012

    Enhance data-driven decision making in your organization with the implementation of education dashboard. Learn about the benefits of this software-based solution and how Dell Education Data Management (EDM) can help you implement it in your organization.

  4. Education Data Management: Turning Data into Actionable Information to Enhance Student Achievement

    02 Aug 2011

    Transform high-quality data into actionable knowledge that can be used to enhance educational outcomes and improve operational efficiencies with a reliable and comprehensive Education Data Management (EDM) solution from Dell.

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