Dell High-Performance Computing NFS Storage Solutions

Compute nodes in a HPC environment almost always require a common file system for applications and tools. Storage solutions based on the Network File System (NFS) protocol are widely used for HPC clusters because NFS is a proven technology that is easy to use and install, has known failure modes and is a standard package in virtually every Linux® distribution.

Offering the optimal combination of performance, availability, system resiliency and data reliability, the Dell High Performance Computing (HPC) NFS Storage Solution (NSS) provides a complete, ready-to-go storage solution for NFS. We deliver your NSS system fully configured with hardware, software and professional support from Dell.

Developed with your HPC needs in mind
Dell HPC NSS solutions provide reliable and flexible options for HPC applications including research, gaming, university education, science and engineering applications and many more.

This versatile solution can also add value in uses such as:
  • Scratch storage to run applications, and primary storage for data and user/home directories in HPC clusters of up to 64 nodes
  • Primary storage for user/home directories as well as application input data and results for larger HPC clusters
  • HPC functions that require terabytes of raw capacity in a single name space; for multiple namespaces, greater capacities are also available
  • General-purpose, high performance Linux-based file server

A complete solution fully supported by Dell

Get the best possible performance, reliability and optimization with the following features:
  • Dell-developed best practices and configurations: Our best practices have achieved up to 30 percent better throughput compared to non-optimized solutions. You can get this solution and best practices in our recommended configurations.
  • Choice of connectivity: Mellanox FDR InfiniBand and 10 Gbps Ethernet available.
  • A modular approach for higher scalability: Using standards-based Dell PowerEdge and PowerVault products, and Red Hat® Scalable File System (XFS), our HPC NFS storage solution offers you a modular approach to storage design that scales to terabytes within a single namespace.
  • Increased availability: Highly available configurations enhance access to your data. We developed them by extensively testing and tuning hardware and software for the best combination of system availability, data reliability and overall performance.
  • Superior customer support: Our experienced customer support professionals fully support all hardware and software components of the solution. Even the standard solution includes a three-year service and support contract.
  • Dell Configuration and Deployment Services: We can install and configure your new data center systems to help you save money, minimize disruption and optimize performance.

High Availability Configurations

Non–High Availability

Raw Capacity

60TB up to 480TB

12TB up to 288TB


FDR InfiniBand or 10 Gbps Ethernet

FDR InfiniBand or 10 Gbps Ethernet

Modular solution components

Your Dell NSS solution comes complete with:
  • NFS Gateway Server: Dell PowerEdge R630 server running Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system, with Red Hat's XFS and Red Hat Cluster Suite packages, provides file access to user data.
  • Storage: PowerVault MD3400 series storage array, a 4U 60-drive enclosure used along with MD3060e expansion enclosure for large, dense solutions
How to Order: Contact your Dell sales representative to discuss which offering best fits your needs. Custom configurations are available.


¹Capacities greater than 288TB are available, Please contact your Dell sales representative for more details.