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Capitalizing on Dell’s 30-year history of driving practical, real-world innovation, Dell Research delivers long-range, disruptive, pan-Dell research and development to inform and influence Dell’s technology strategy. Dell Research complements the company’s innovative research and development by collaborating across Dell’s technical community to create holistic, organic solutions focused on customer needs, with a two-, five- and 10-year outlook.

By implementing a hybrid innovation strategy, Dell Research augments its organic research with an extended external community, including university alliances, to leverage that wealth of knowledge for the benefit of Dell’s customers. With a team of industry and technical experts, Dell Research is focused on multiple R&D projects within five major technology areas:

  data and data insights Data and data insights

Dell Research’s database research is aimed at understanding the implications of flash memory and next-generation Non-Volatile memory technologies on database systems
  internet of things  Internet of Things

A number of technological forces are combining to create a revolution at the intersection of computer control and computer networking.
  mobility Mobility and next-generation UX

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the growing reliance on them for both business and personal use, innovative technologies that connect, secure and provide reliability in this realm is a prime focus for Dell Research.
  infrastructure and cloud Next-generation infrastructure and cloud

Dell Research believes that next-generation data center infrastructure will be both software-defined and software-based.
  security Security

Dell Research is developing research in the area of perceptive security systems to determine when there is a possible danger or risk, much like humans perceive and evaluate risk

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    Internet of Things-Based Computation


    We propose that IoT Computing is a more appropriate choice than Cloud Computing for workloads that intrinsically have extreme flexibility with respect to the price, and performance trade-offs, they can tolerate.

  1. Security Evolves at SC15

    Security Evolves at SC15

    This week, Dell is participating in SC15, in Austin, Nov.16-20, a show that brings together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and developers from the international supercomputing community

  2. Jai Menon at TIA 2015

    Open Networking and IoT: The Trillion Dollar Opportunity

    Jai Menon, VP and Chief Research Officer at Dell, tells TIA 2015 attendees why the industry should take full advantage of open networking

  3. chu

    Dell OPNFV: Infrastructure as a Service

    OPNFV Infrastructure-as-a-Service (OPNFV-IaaS) enables VNF Service Providers to deliver VNF services to their customers across independently-administered OPNFV-powered Infrastructures (OPNFV-I).

  4. globe

    The Democratization of Genomics Continues: How Health IT Professionals Can Enable Genomic-Driven Precision Medicine


    How health IT professionals can enable genomic-driven precision medicine.

  5. Watch an interview with Jai Menon, VP and Chief Research Officer, Dell Research.

    What is Dell Research working on?


    Jai Menon discusses Big Data during the second Dell 1-5-10 event.

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    Dell's NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Journey

    Jai Menon, VP, Chief Research Officer, Dell, presented the “Dell NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Journey” at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in October 2014.

  7. Carrie Gates

    General Session - Digital Privacy and Cybersecurity: A 21st Century Journey or Illusion?


    Carrie Gates, Chief Scientist, Security, was a guest speaker at the 2014 Technology Exchange (Internet 2 / ESnet). October 29, 2014.

Dell Technology Outlook

The annual Dell Technology Outlook is Dell’s point of view about key, disruptive technology trends and inflection points, which have potential to affect businesses in a significant way.
Dell Technology Outlook 2015
DTO 2015 This report contains predictions by Dell Research about ten technological events we believe will take place in the next five years.

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