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Mobile computing devices have become essential to daily life — at work, at home and increasingly, at school. Students are using them to access information, interact with others and produce dynamic content — such as podcasts, reports and videos — inside and outside of the classroom.

But there are many choices in mobile devices, each with its own unique capabilities. School districts in the digital age are looking to invest in technologies that help them achieve the best educational outcomes for their particular goals and needs.

Dell offers a full spectrum of mobile computing devices, powered by Intel, that are ideally suited for educational use and the expertise to help you choose the right solutions for your district:

  • Tablets: Optimized for touch & mobility, Dell’s tablets provide unmatched flexibility for students, teachers and administrators. Dell tablets deliver robust content, productivity tools and ecosystem support, on-line and off.
  • Laptops: Ideal for content creation and collaboration, Dell laptops include the Dell Latitude 3330 laptop featuring Intel Core™ processors that strike a balance between mobility and performance for students with advanced computing needs.
  • Chromebooks: Provide easy to manage cloud-based learning environment. Dell Chromebooks deliver essential functionality for affordable and hassle-free 1:1deployments.
  • Carts: Dell and its partners provide computer carts that secure, store and charge your mobile computers, and manage software and system updates.

Dell Mobile Computing Solutions not only help your schools overcome the basic issues of data protection and device management, but also enable you to incorporate the widest range of devices — including non-Dell devices — without introducing excessive burden to IT management. 

Find out more about how Dell can provide safe, efficient mobile computing devices for your district.

Dell World 2014
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    Latitude 3330 for Education


    Latitude 3330 for Education

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    Dell Latitude 6430u


    Deliver powerful performance, and enable versatile usage and productivity with Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook running on Intel vPro. Discover the features and benefits of this netbook that is built for ultimate business mobility.

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    Dell Latitude E6430


    Achieve the right balance between mobility, performance and durability with Dell Latitude E6430 — a ruggedly built laptop. Review its specifications and features and discover why it is suitable for office-to-home professionals who are producing on the go.

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    Dell Mobile Computing Station

    The Dell Mobile Computing Station 2.0 is much more than a standard netbook cart — it's a next-generation mobile computing solution designed for the digital classrooms as well as seminars or events mobile solutions.