Assistive Technology Partners

Fulfilling all of your assistive technology needs — from one source

Dell, with support from Intel, acts as a single source for all your school district’s and campus’ assistive technology needs. We work with a diverse group of partners that have been selected based on the voice of our customers. These best-in-class partners have proven track records in impacting the lives of students with special needs. To find out more about our assistive technology solutions, contact dell@EVAS.com. For assistance with all of your educational needs, contact a Dell K-12 solutions expert.

Our assistive technology partners include:

AblenetAbleNet® educational solutions include communication aids for individuals who are nonverbal, access aids for all ages and situations, and special education classroom curriculum and software that enhance learning progress. 
aisquaredAi Squared offers screen magnification and screen reading software products. Customers range from individuals with low vision and blindness to those who have difficulty viewing a computer screen and reading fine print.
AmdiAMDi designs, engineers and manufactures communication devices for individuals with special needs — from simple interfaces to complex computerized systems. AMDi delivers turnkey, build-to-print and custom solutions.
AHFApplied Human Factors, Inc. conducts research and develops software products to assist persons with physical disabilities (e.g., computer access, mouse alternatives and speech augmentation), learning/cognitive disabilities (e.g., word prediction and phonetic keyboards) and low vision.
AttainmentAttainment Company produces augmentative communication devices that help students with disabilities succeed at school and in life. Attainment has recently introduced a fully functional scanning device.
BigKeysThe BigKeys computer keyboard is a standard-size keyboard with 1" keys. The big keys give the user a larger physical and visual target. BigKeys is designed and engineered to assist with computer access.
DolphinDolphin offers product lines for people with visual and print needs, learning disabilities and visual impairments who are new to computers. Offerings include sight magnifiers, converters to Braille, large print and audio, programs for individuals with dyslexia and talking guides for computer instruction.

DonjohnstonDon Johnston creates technology tools that help students with disabilities read, write and communicate. Its tools are used by students with autism, dysgraphia, cerebral palsy and dyslexia in more than one-third of U.S. school districts.
FreedomFreedom Scientific® Learning Systems Group develops, manufactures and markets products and services for students with learning disabilities. Its easy-to-learn WYNN™ software transforms printed text into the spoken word.
GW MicroGW Micro is a pioneer in the adaptive technology industry and continues to lead with innovative, customer-driven solutions. Its Window-Eyes offering is a highly stable screen reader.
InterpretypeInterpretype® offers a face-to-face communication system that provides a means of communicating without using speech. Interpretype helps nonsigning hearing people better communicate with individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or impacted by a speech disability.

JudylynnsoftwareDeveloped with guidance by assistive technology professionals, teachers, therapists and parents, the Judy Lynn Software programs assist with a range of student needs, from simple cause and effect skills to prevocational skills.

KeytechKeytec technology instantly converts any standard monitor (LCD and CRT) or notebook computer into a touch-interactive device.
LaureateLaureate Learning Systems® software covers cause and effect skills, early vocabulary, expressive language, categorization, mastery of basic grammar, auditory processing, functional language and reading. Its programs help students with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and language-learning disorders.

MarblesoftMarblesoft™ software supports input devices for students with physical or learning disabilities. Multiple levels of difficulty and options for input, correction and reinforcement enable teachers to tailor the software to students’ needs.

Simtech Publication's assistive technology software provides practice in single switch cause and effect, single switch auto-scanning, two-switch step scanning and early literacy.

PointscribePointScribe® is a multisensory, interactive, data-driven software for teaching students of all abilities to handwrite. It automatically builds individualized, data-driven handwriting lessons based on ability and provides reports for use in IEPS, intervention and lesson planning.

PremierPremier Literacy® offers solutions for reading, writing and studying. With applications that recognize, validate and accommodate, Premier Literacy provides tools for learning and for life.

ProxtalkerProxTalker.com manufactures and distributes the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device, which uses RFID technology to retrieve vocabulary stored on sound tags to produce real words, and the LOGAN BrailleCoach™ teaching support device to help students learn braille.

SonocentSonocent™ Audio Notetaker provides students impacted with dyslexia a visual and interactive form of note-taking, making audio the basis of notes and not text. Audio can be imported from a computer or other device, or recorded directly using a microphone.

 SigningSigning Savvy is a sign language dictionary with several thousand high-resolution videos of American Sign Language signs, fingerspelled words and other common signs. Users can build and share wordlists, create virtual flash cards and quizzes, and build sign phrases.

Text HelpRead&Write GOLD by Texthelp® is a toolbar that integrates with familiar applications (e.g., Microsoft® Word, Internet Explorer® and Adobe®­ Reader) giving access to features for reading, writing and research support from within everyday programs.

VizzleVizZle™ was developed at the Monarch Center, a specialty school for students with autism, and helps quickly create customized, interactive visual content aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Educators are also encouraged to join the global professional learning community.

WidgitWidgit® Software develops materials for people who have difficulty understanding and using text. Widgit Symbol Set, a bank of 11,000 symbols, can represent more than 40,000 words and phrases, and helps overcome the barrier text can present.

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