Learning at Dell

Your aspirations and our expectations. Let's thrive together.

At Dell, our team members never stop learning and growing. We encourage professional and personal development so much that we've created an entire working culture around it. Team members at Dell can expect a vast array of programs to increase skills in their current role and develop leadership skills that can make a significant impact on their career.

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Your development at Dell

We aspire to cultivate the confidence, drive and abilities in all of our team members, which empower them to fulfill their potential. Career development at Dell is a collaborative process between individual team members, mentors and the organization at large. Working together, we can balance your aspirations and interests with Dell’s strategy and goals, following through with a purposeful plan of action.

The Dell development model

At Dell, career development follows a 70/20/10 model, which encompasses personalized development in three distinct categories:

  • 70 percent on-the-job experience
    • Discover opportunities to strengthen your skills.
    • Grow new strengths through stretch assignments and special projects.
    • Develop a personal performance plan.
  • 20 percent learning through others
    • Find a mentor through Dell’s Mentor Connect tool.
    • Join a Dell Employee Resource Group.
  • 10 percent formal classes or training
    • Take advantage of formal training opportunities.
    • Review what you learn with your leader.
    • Apply what you’ve learned to your role.

This model is an industry standard that’s proven most effective for team members across departments and at varying career levels. Each individual team member is empowered to use all resources available to them as they seek to fulfill their aspirations. Team members work with their supervisor to develop an individual development plan (IDP) and follow through by meeting set goals in a realistic time frame.

Dell's global curriculum

Dell provides several formal and informal learning programs, all designed for individual career development. Available courses align with current business needs to strategically develop competencies within Dell. Here is a sampling of our course roster:

Leadership imperative

Each course in this series focuses on a different leadership topic. The overarching goal is to facilitate the movement from a culture of management to a culture of leadership. Courses are engaging, leader-led working sessions designed to drive business results through inspirational leadership.

Business and financial acumen

Dell created this series to cultivate a shared understanding of key business concepts and a common business language among all team members worldwide. Highly interactive, the courses are geared toward an audience of executives, leaders and individual contributors.

Manager and executive training

Dell’s Management From the Start program is provided for all new leaders. These distinctive orientation sessions help ease the transition into new leadership roles and provide a foundation for success in those roles.

Professional development

From technical training to communication skills and sales workshops, Dell’s Professional Development courses encompass a wide breadth of topics. Current course offerings align with business goals and strategy.

We advocate for all team members to take advantage of learning and training opportunities. Our courses and programs help prepare our team members for present and future roles. The Dell curriculum is robust and brimming with useful knowledge, directly applicable to a positive career experience.