The Mobile/BYOD Solutions Resource Library

Read about our customers' success and how you can benefit from Dell Mobility Solutions in the following case studies, videos and white papers.

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    Tobii Assistive Technology turns to Dell OEM Solutions to establish a global presence


    Technology company in Sweden successfully launches pioneering eye-tracking technology on Dell Venue 11 tablet devices with the support of Dell OEM Solutions.

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    Søndermarkskolen pilots Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets with great results - Video


    Søndermarkskolen provided students and teachers in the 7th grade Venue 11 Pro tablets with keyboards and notices positive changes in its learning environment.

  3. 2014-spartanburg-10013570-venue-windows-8-pro-classroom.jpg

    Spartanburg County School District 3 transforms education with a 1:1 tablet initiative - Video


    Spartanburg District 3 moved to a mobile learning platform to boost student success. The Dell Venue 11 Pro provides constant access to learning materials for students, increasing their level of engagement and better preparing them for the future.

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    Sweet Art achieves better customer service, easy employee access and company-wide IT efficiency


    Australian cake styling and event management business improves customer responsiveness and efficiency by 30 percent, and increases staff mobility with Dell client solutions while preventing downtime with a Dell PowerEdge server.

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    American School of Milan creates a connected classroom environment


    Students at international school in Milan demonstrate power of connected classrooms, while school cuts costs with 80 per cent consolidation through end-to-end solution from Dell.

  6. 2014-clear-creek-isd-10013474-latitude-10-k-12-classroom.jpg

    Clear Creek ISD creates a sustainable digital learning environment - Video


    Dell tablets provided a no-compromise solution to Clear Creek ISD’s search for a sustainable one-to-one technology plan. The Latitude 10 with Windows® 8 offers robust manageability and accessibility at an affordable cost.

  7. 2014-clear-creek-isd-10013484-latitude-10-k-12-classroom.jpg

    Clear Creek ISD bridges the technology gap with their "Latitude 2 Learn" program - Video


    Dell tablets help Clear Creek ISD increase student engagement and enable personalized learning. The Latitude 10 with Windows® 8 help bridge the technology gap and ensure equal access to information and resources for students.

  8. 2014-clear-creek-isd-10013485-latitude-10-k-12-classroom.jpg

    Clear Creek ISD prepares teachers for "Latitude 2 Learn" with Professional Learning and the Technology Integration Matrix - Video


    Dell Professional Learning services help Clear Creek ISD’s teachers and administrators successfully transition to a personalized learning environment. The Latitude 10 tablets with Windows® 8 gives students the tools they need to own their own learning.

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    Vechtdal College upgrades networking for the classroom environment


    Secondary school in the Netherlands boosts mobile connectivity through WiFi network built on Dell Networking technology. With fast, reliable access to data and services, students and teachers are improving their educational performance.

  10. 2014-yrdsb-10013473-lat-10-tablets-k-12-primary-school.jpg

    York Region District School Board (YRDSB) incorporates Dell Latitude 10 tablets in the classroom - Video


    The York Region District School Board supplied teachers with 100 Dell Latitude 10 tablets with Windows 8 and an Intel® Atom™ processors to outfit them with a robust, mobile technology to support a student BYOD 1:1 initiative.

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    Improve mobility and BYOD with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Learn how to manage and secure all your corporate-issued and BYO mobile devices—and the data on them—with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

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    Unlock the four layers of security with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Ensuring security can be difficult, especially when it comes to protecting enterprise data on devices you don’t own. Learn how to improve your mobility/BYOD security with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

  3. match-mobility-needs-to-your-workforce-with-emm.jpg

    Match mobility needs to your workforce with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Your workforce has differing mobility needs. Learn how meet the needs of everyone in your organization with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

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    Solve your mobile/BYOD challenges with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Learn how you can solve your mobility/BYOD challenges with Dell Enterprise Mobility Mangagement

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    Dell Tablet Learning Productivity


    Discover how you can enhance learning productivity in your classroom with Dell Latitude 10 tablet running Microsoft Windows 8 — an extremely flexible tool that enables students to share information and perform multiple tasks easily.

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    Dell Tablet Operational Efficiency


    Securely access your school network anytime and anywhere with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that can help you deliver operational efficiency for IT administrators and school districts, while enabling personalized learning experience in the classroom.

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    Dell Tablet Accessibility


    Enable mobility and empower learners with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that offers accessible technologies that can help personalize learning and enable students achieve their educational goals no matter what level of technology they require.

  1. Seamless

    Seamless cellular connectivity: A new freedom for mobile workers

    The mobile workforce needs dependable, high-speed network connectivity to get the job done. Refreshing client fleets with built-in 4G LTE technology lets employees take the internet with them — boosting flexibility, productivity and cost-efficiency.

  2. Agile

    Agile security for the mobile workforce

    Flexible, end-to-end security enables enterprises to speed adoption of transformative technologies for a competitive edge. Best-practice deployments help deliver on the business promise of mobility with integrated protection throughout the workplace.

  3. Transforming

    Transforming mobility management through a unified approach

    As the mobile workplace and the nature of business itself continue to evolve, IT teams must support a multiplicity of devices, operating systems and work habits. Dell Enterprise Mobility Management helps simplify administration and secure vital data.

  4. Mobility

    Mobility Going your way

    Constant connectivity is the new norm — causing shifts in worker expectations that may not align with enterprise requirements. An effective mobility strategy empowers users and improves business performance without compromising essential IT controls.

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    Mobile Devices in the Enterprise: A Comprehensive Management Approach

    Manage end-user devices in your IT environment with the Dell Mobile Management approach to BYOD and device management. Review the architecture, best practices and test results to help you implement an effective strategy to provision, secure and support mobile devices.

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    Securing the Enterprise Workspace: Protect Your Organization While Supporting Mobility and BYOD - White Paper


    As part of your mobility/BYOD strategy, how do you expand access to corporate applications and data while preventing costly security breaches? Learn how to bolster security across enterprise networks and mobile platforms.

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    Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/BYOD Environments - White Paper


    Preparing enterprise applications for the diverse array of mobile devices is a key challenge for IT. Learn how to deliver a productive, user-friendly experience on mobile devices while maintaining security and streamlining application management.

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    Mobility solutions tailored to your organizational needs


    Implement a mobility strategy that suits your needs with Dell Mobility Application Services — a portfolio of solutions and services that can help you develop, test, implement and manage tailored mobility solutions that match your business process and device platforms.

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    Make mobile solutions work for your business


    Businesses are keen to adopt mobility solutions, but often find it difficult to overcome challenges. They struggle to meet the need for greater user productivity while minimizing investment and support costs, and successfully addressing security concerns. And if a company is global, the need to create a consistent, worldwide mobility strategy compounds the problem.