Dell Advantage for Networking

Modernize network infrastructure and redefine networking economics

You can evolve beyond the monolithic, proprietary architectures common in the networking industry. You don’t have to overbuy at the outset, then pay high operating costs for these oversized systems only to have performance issues as applications evolve and traffic patterns change. Say goodbye to the constraints of vendor roadmaps; now you are free to chart your own course.

In the Virtual Era — when server-to-server traffic is rapidly increasing, data is growing and mobile devices are entering the workplace at a record rate — your network’s role in advancing enterprise initiatives is more important than ever. We give you a differentiated choice in networking that can transform your network, redefine your IT economics and accelerate your results. Here’s how:
  • Simplicity — Reduce architectural and operational complexity with our innovations.
  • Flexibility — Control your own network strategy with interoperable, open-standards-based, modular platforms.
  • Capability — Connect people and points consistently with platforms designed and engineered for enterprise-class performance.
You can also benefit from Dell’s unique portfolio of solutions designed to optimize your network beyond the infrastructure. Improve IT efficiency and economics with validated solutions for servers, storage, networking, security and support across the enterprise.

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