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  1. Dell PowerEdge FX

    PowerEdge FX Infographic: Workload-defined infrastructure, converged


    An innovative modular approach to converged gives you the flexibility to adapt infrastructure to any workload. Learn more about the PowerEdge FX2 in this infographic.

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    The Office Is King, but it’s a Jungle Too:

    As employees conduct work in different locations, the office still seems to be holding strong as the primary place of work.

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    The Future of Tech in the Workplace is Bright, But Not Fully Automated:

    Employees are generally optimistic with the future of technology believing it will keep evolving and will provide different benefits and capabilities to the workforce, but will not fundamentally change the way in which people work today.

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    The Productivity Debate: Office Workers vs. Remote Workers

    Perceptions of at home workers are shifting as 52 percent of people believe that those working from home are just as productive or more productive than those in the office.

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    The Secret to Happy Employees? Technology:

    One out of four employees globally report they are influenced by the technology provided to them at work and would consider taking a new position if provided better technology that helps them be more productive.

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