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Technology now makes it possible to work from almost anywhere. Creating a sustainable and innovative business is becoming more important. And, today’s employee wants to work differently.

At Dell you can work hard for our customers while creating a happy and successful life outside the office. Our journey towards a more flexible work culture started since before 2009. Now we have a wide variety of options for our team members to choose from, that drive great results for the business no matter how or where they get it done. For this reason, we’re proud of the investments we’ve made in workplace innovation and IT solutions that empower our teams to do their best work however it works best for them.

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Connected workplace program

Do your best work in the way which works best for you.

Flexibility is a key aspect of Dell's business strategy that enables us to compete for the best talent. An opportunity to promote changes in cultural norms, leadership practices and work processes to the benefit of individuals and the business, and a new way to approach work in terms of how, where and when work is conducted.

As part of our People Strategy, Connected Workplace encourages employees to find new ways to work, and focuses on driving business results rather than looking at where work is done. Our Connected Workplace program enable eligible team members to choose the style which best fulfills a team members needs both in their job and their personal life. The Connected Workplace options for flexible work that are available to you are:

  • Mobile (Telework): Perform full-time job responsibilities from one to four days a week at a site other than primary location pursuant to a formal, ongoing work schedule or arrangement.
  • Remote work: Perform full-time responsibilities exclusively from a location outside of the primary location (no dedicated workspace on site).

When mobile and remote aren’t available or cannot work for you, we also have other flexible work options to fit your specific need such as flextime, part-time, job sharing or compressed work week.

Flexible work practices also help to conserve natural resources and energy, reduce transportation-related pollution, promote public safety and lessen the strain on transportation systems. It also allows us to maximize our use of office space, supporting team members in working where and when they’re most productive and minimizing our operating costs and environmental impact.

We understand tools, technology and training are imperative for remote or mobile team members to cultivate personal connections, build strong teams and manage a dispersed global workforce. Therefore, we continue to invest in and encourage team members to utilize resources available to them such as virtual training offerings and a dependable IT infrastructure.

Diverse and inclusive workplace

At Dell, we recognize and do business in a world that is constantly evolving. We understand that managing diversity and championing an inclusive culture is essential to our collective success. To build enduring relationships, we must create a welcoming workplace where people of all backgrounds come together to do their best work. By embracing these individual differences and actively leveraging them, we are able to harness each team member’s full potential, drive innovation and foster an environment for our global team to do their best work and meet the aspirations of our customers.

Two ways in which we underscore our commitment to inclusion are through:

Dell Employee Resource Groups and EMC Employee Circles
Combined, these groups represent 14 dimensions of diversity and include more than 32,000 team members in 300+ chapters across more than 60 countries. The 11 Dell Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and 12 EMC Circles enable a range of skills including leadership development and positive community impact through personal and professional peer mentoring, volunteering and coaching.
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Cultural awareness training
As part of our commitment to ensuring our teams around the globe respect and value one another, we require that our new team members participate in cultural awareness training that facilitates powerful self-awareness. Team members are exposed to behaviors that are productive and counter-productive in creating an inclusive workplace and at the same time are given tools to help support one another to foster a more collaborative environment.